Rider profiles 2014

Read about some of the new riders signed up for the 2014 Kiwi Brevet 

Name: Brent Tangey
Age: 39
Profession: Ranger
Experience: Not much. Hidden Vale Epic, Taupo Cycle Challenge a couple of times.

Bike: Yeti ASR5   (No picture)
Age: Still 39-hasn't changed since last 3 responses. Bike is a 2010 though.
Bike set-up: Specialized Fast track tyres, Selle Anatomica saddle, Bontrager grips (Ergon copies), freeload rear rack with dry bag, Altura Orkney bar bag, Camelback.

Camping gear: as little as possible.

 Name:  Rob Davidson
Age: 47
Profession: Gym Owner/Manager/Trainer/Equipment Mechanic/Cleaner/Tea Boy
Experience: GSB 2012 & 2014, Petite Brevet 2013
Bike: Ventana El Commandante 29er
Age: 1 year
Bike set-up: Niner Carbon Fork, Belt Drive Rohloff in faster shiney red, K-Lites lighting and charging setup on SP Dyno hub. Revelate and Porcelain Rocket bags. 
Camping gear: Z-pack hexamid tent and Feathered friends 30degree bag. Klymate X-frame pad. 
Other: Off to Tour Divide this year if body survives the Kiwi Brevet!

Name: Brenda (BOB) Clapp
Age: Over 21
Profession: Hydrologist
Experience: Have spent most of my cycling years doing far too many cross country races. Now kicking back and enjoying trail riding and back country exploring. Did the first Kiwi Brevet.

Bike: Salsa
Bike Age: 2 years
Bike set-up: Racks front and rear. Small dry bag on front and small carrier bag on back.

Camping Gear: Just going to wing it. Have a Sol emergency bivvy bag if things go pear shape.

Name: Phaedra Upton
Age: None of your business !
Profession: Geology nerd

Experience: Several Central Otago cycle trips, 2 wks cycling in the Kimberley, Western Aust (a long time ago), trekking in Nepal and Northern India
Bike: Avanti Motiv 2
Bike Age: 1 year
Bike set-up: freeloader rack on bag with dry bag, areobars on front with 5l dry bag, camel back for water and 1 water bottle on bike - quite a challenge to get anything onto such a small frame

Camping gear: lightweight sleeping bag, 3/4 thermorest, bivy bag for a couple of planned nights out, otherwise booked accomm.

Name:  Simon Morton
Age: 47
Profession:  Listen, listen, talk.
Experience:  Revolution Bicycles Christmas ride

Bike:  Niner Air 9, 2 years old
Set Up: 2 x10, SID fork, Revelate bags, Jones H Bars, Tubeless, Brooks saddle

Camping Gear - Tarptent, thermarest, synthetic bag, nappies, solar shower, 4 burner butane stove

Name: Calum Chamberlain
Age: 23
Profession: Seismology PhD Student
Experience: Nothing quite like this, but much general riding.  A single bike tour a few years back from Nelson to Christchurch where 170km was our biggest day.  Previous XC, road and CX racing and a few 'marathon' XC events, but no more.  Mostly lots of riding enjoying the relatively dry climate and long daylight hours compared to the UK.

Bike: Kinesis FF29 (warranty replacement for the second time-haven't owned a frame that I haven't broken apart from the three I have at the moment), 120mm Reba fork, hope misc. bits, stans flow rims, Maxxis Ikon front and something fast at the back. 
Bike Age: 4 months, many components older. 
Bike set-up: Twin bottle cages, freeload rear rack (borrowed) with 20L Alpkit drybag, bar mounted 8L drybag (not featuring in the photo), 3x10 gearing so I can spin up the hills.  Small to medium rucksack with 2L water bladder.  USE Exposure Maxx D and Joystick lights, basic cycle-computer.

Camping Gear: Vaude bivy bag, lightweight sleeping bag and full-length thermorest camping mat.  No stove, planning to eat lots of food every time I stop at a place!

Name : Steve Halligan
Age : 37
Profession: builder
Experience: 8 and 12 hr solos,contact epic, karapoti, rainbow rage, st james epic plus other multi day rides

Bike: Specialized epic expert
Bike age: 2years
Bike set up: freeload rack on the back,topeak handle bar bag,garmin 810, two water bottle holders,bar ends, stans raven tyres or schwable marathon mondials.,roll out solar panal for charging devices.

Camping Gear: MSR Hubba tent, Mountain Designs standhardt sleeping bag, thermarest neo lite sleeping mat  all in a 20 ltr dry bag

Name: Wayne Gedye
Age: 36
Profession: Refrigeration Engineer
Experience: 2 over night shake down rides earlier this year

Bike: Sport Brand; Longboard
Bike: Age 2009
Bike Set-up: 32*17 single speed, Freeloader rack carring camelbak with camping gear and spares in, Revelate Harness and a dry bag with sleeping gear and clothes, Revelate Pocket with camera, gps, notes etc.

Name:  Craig Madsen
Age: 40
Profession: Cycletech NZ Sales Manager
Experience: The odd cycle tour….

Bike: Surly Pugsley
Bike: Age 2
Bike set-up: Revelate Designs Harness, large pocket, large gas tank. A saddle bag and two bike buddies on the fork.

Camping gear: Bivi tent, Exped down ultralight mat, mountain hard wear sleeping bag.

Name: Sam Davidson
Age: 22
Profession: Bike Mechanic/Industrial Design Student
Experience: Read some blogs and did alot of SUB24 rides and thought lets root this moose. YEOW

Bike: 2012 Salsa El Mariachi
Bike Setup: Rohloff hub, SP Dynamo hub with Exposure Revo Light, Custom Bike Bag Dude Bar roll with OJ Thread Works seat and frame bag. BB7 Brakes, Custom Fork Bottle mounts. 17 degree bend bars, Fox fork, thomson post, middleburn cranks etc

Camping gears:Small one one tent, and sleeping bag with 3/4 pad and not alot else Can't wait to get this ride started, cya on the start line.

Name: Brett Whiteley
Age: 48
Profession: Retired kayak bum having to as a Construction Manager to feed a gear junkie habit
Experience: Plenty of multiday trips using a variety of methods of transport … feet legs arms mind …

Bike: Specialized Carbon Hard-tail Stumpy 29er, with carbon fork. Rolf Prima Ralos wheels, Tubeless Specialized Renegades 2.3 (F) 1.95 (R), XTR Brakes, pedals everything else either XO or X9 most importantly the seat is an ISM Breakaway
Bike Age: 2 years
Bike set-up: I have added profile aerobars, bags are Revelate Tangle, Viscacha and a Sweetroll

Camping gear :My shelter is a One Planet Bivy Bag (last minute decision between the tent and the bivy bag), a Macpac Express 600 Sleeping bag and a Macpac Insulate Aircore short mat.

Name: Brian Alder
Age: 49
Profession: Cycle tour & MTB guide
Experience:Petit Brevet, just finished GSB. Quite a few multi-day backcountry MTB missions, the best being trans South Island via 45th parallel.

Bike: Scott Genius 740, full Susser with 650b  Arch wheels, 1 x10 drivetrain, aero bars .

Camping gear: Revelate seat bag & gas tank, Dueter frame bag & custom front bag hung from bed roll. Bivvy bag, foam pad & sleeping bag for camping, lots of butt cream.

Name: Vaughan Watson 
Age: 26
Secondary school relief teacher/bike shop sifter extrodinaire.
Experience:  Many adventures and races on mountainbikes and road bikes. Raced a bunch of XC, Super D/Enduro, Cyclocross and one DH race this past year, often on 'unsuitable' bikes. Have raced Nelson to Christchurch road relay races, and have also done 2 solo one day rides on the same 400km+ course in the past. Have spent a lot of time rigid singlespeeding over the years. Not averse to a beer or two during a ride. Raced 11 Rainbow Rages for some reason.

Bike: Cromo Steel rigid singlespeed.
Bike Age:
2011-ish with a lot of it much newer.
Bike set-up:
No gears, no suspension, no worries. Out of date wheel size, tubeless tyres in a decent width, and a smattering of good value to sort of flash parts. 32:18 if you were wondering.

Camping gear: Really compact sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tent fly. Survival blanket and a bunch of thermals for emergencies. Hoping to 'credit card tour' for the most part. No cooking gear, will be living on general store/pub/cafe food.

Name: Ross Cheesman
Age: 57
Profession: Scientist
Experience: Very little.  Brevet’s Little Brother in December and some longer road rides

Bike: Blue Giant XTC 26” hardtail with Maxxis Crossmark 2.1 tyres tubed
Bike Age: I can’t remember but it is getting on a bit now
Bike set-up: Basically as bought with bar ends, aero bars, a couple of seat drink bottle holders and Pack-n-Pedal rack

Camping gear:  verything packed in dry bags on the rack and under the aero bars.  Bivvy bag, blow up sleeping mat, sleeping bag, no cooking gear.

Name: Andre Galbraith
Age:  40yrs
Profession: Mechanic
A couple of years of blue dot watching. Too much FOMO, so time to get amongst it

Bike: Heavyweight..........
2012 Steel Salsa Fargo 5, Yes count em, 5, bottle cages
Bike set-up:
Revelate Bar Harness, Tangle bag, Seat bag and other foodie bags. (Thanks Cycletech) Stans tubeless wheels and K-lite Dynamo System.

Camping gear:  Lightweight.........Bivvy and sleeping bags, Inflatable mat. No cooking. Likely to be carrying far to much of some stuff, and not enough of other stuff, inversely proportional to the required stuff at the time. Hoping to keep the Gross Vehicle Mass below 95kg..........

Name: Hamish Southcott
Age: 39
Profession: Graphic Designer
Experience: Cycle touring in Turkey, two Le Petit Brevets and loads of South Island backcountry rides.

Bike: Lynskey Pro 26
Bike Age: Going on 4 years
Bike set-up: Small panniers and a dry bag on a Freeload rack, 3x9 drivetrain, bar ends and aero bars and Revelate gas tank

Camping gear: Bivy bag, Thermarest, sleeping bag and small cooker and pot.

 Name: 'Niel the Wheel' (Coventry-Brown)
Age: 53
Profession: Part time cycle shop sales boy, full time cyclist. 

Experience: 1973 Cycled New Zealand
1973- 87     Still cycling NZ ( starting to get bored)
1988          Cycled Around Tasmania.
1994           Lands End to John O Groats UK
1996           Cycled Around France/ Switzerland
2000           Cycled the length of Italy
2002            Cycled around Spain/ Portugal
2003            Fiji
2005            Around Germany and Austria
2007           Cycled around Ireland
2009           Cycled Perth to Sydney
2010           Cycled across USA
2012           Cycled Lima to Rio across South America.
Cycled length of Vietnam
Lost my bike temporarily in Morocco
2013           Cycled across Canada ( Vancouver to Halifax)

Bike: Mercian - Campagnolo compilation
Bike Age: 1950s to present.
Bike Set- Up: Ridgid Reynolds 853 platform with front rack and saddle bag.

Camping Gear: 2 man Vaude tent and Browning pocket Knife. Compass and a magnifying glass to read maps and start emergency signal fire should the need  arise.

Name: Nigel Walls
Age: 49
Profession: Quantity Surveyor
Experience: Two years road riding, not a lot off road

Bike:  Scott Spark 29er
Bike Age: new
Bike set-up: Relevate  bags by design sweetroll and Pika

Camping gear: Tent and credit card

Name: Lou Gallagher
Age: 50
Profession: Scientist
Experience: I am a first-time Brevette rider. Riding in this big a group is exciting and intimidating. Even though I've done some radical distance rides they have always been solo or with one other person. I'm not training at all. I'm riding up and down the hills of Wellington looking for a flat on weekends and after work. It turns out this is perfectly therapeutic to reduce the stress of flat hunting! I did a taster ride from Palmy down to Eketahuna on the New Year, just to remember how much I love biking into the wind and rain.

Bike: Specialized (No picture)
Bike Age: 2 years of daily use as a commuter bike in Washington DC and Wellington
Bike set-up: knobby tyres on a cross-bike, no suspension. Handlebars are lifted and curve back so I can sit up while I ride. 

Camping gear: Are you kidding? None 

Name: Evan McCarney
Age: 36
Profession: Sciency engineer
Experience: Some mountain biking. A short tour way back.

Bike: Scott Scale 29
Age: 2012
Bike set-up: Revelate frame bag, gas tank, and seat bag. Furious Fred tubeless 2.0 

Camping gear: none.

Name: Garth Baker, but will be riding under my alias Bob Biker
Age: late 50s, young enough to still be able to do it, and old enough to know ya gotta do it when ya can
Profession: Researcher and programme designer for violence prevention initiatives
Experience: Over the last few years I’ve done some multi-day mountain-biking touring.Know I can do three hard days in a row – beyond that is a physical and psychological unknown = an adventure.  

Bike: Trek X-Caliber 29er, with Gary Fisher cachet
Age: 11 action-filled months
Bike set-up: Hydraulic remote locking front suspension, plush seat, rear rack, front aerobar rack, and Revelate Tangle frame bag, Gas-Tank bar bag and Sweetroll.

Camping gear: Sleeping: bivy bag, lightweight sleeping bag, lite thermorest, and backup
emergency shelter. Kitchen: folding spoon, camping can opener and Opinel knife. Bathroom: small pack towel and small tubes of various salves and ointments. Storage: Revelate bags, dry sack and light weight pack.

Name: Troy Szczurkowski
Home: Brisbane, Australia
Age: 40
Profession: Pro bike mechanic (yes I can fix your bike on the trail, but it will cost you lollies, and a time bonus from Simon:) )
Experience: Alaska (Iditarod), Oregon, California, Arizona

Bike: Salsa Fargo ti
Bike Age: 2010
Bike set-up: uber light, but no carbon - Thomson, SON28 with e-werk, X9 and Apex 2x10, custom Muru ti fork, Thunder Burt tubeless, lotsa Revelate

Camping gear: focus is unsupported, go prepared - Contrail, Mont Bell and Synmat 7,  Steripen Freedom, Kovea ti stove, evernew pot and a cheap plastic spoon.

Name: Andrew Scott
Age: 59
Profession: Horny handed son of toil
Experience: Bikepacking in Sth Island high country conservation parks and a drawer full of worn out chamois. No Brevet/ randoneering.

Bike: Samuel Turner is a much loved Turner Flux
Age: 8yr
Bike Set Up: Freeload with 20l drybag rear, 10l drybag on bars plus some small bar bags. Fat as Michelin XC tubeless race tires, 3x9 drivetrain, barends.

Camping Gear: Eureka Spitfire Solo Superlight tent, ¾ Thermarest, 150 Macpac downbag

Name: John Carman
Age: Just turned 40.... dont feel it though
Profession: DOC Ranger, dream job really as I'm currently an inspector for the huts, tracks and structures in central north island.
Experience: None for this kind of thing, have done the normal mtb/roadie events but nothing like this.

Bike: Surly Karate Monkey, my engagement present from my wife!
Bike Age: guessing 5 years, 5 rough years! Its my work horse do everything bike.
Bike set-up: Steel frame, cheap but good 80mm RST fork, 1 x 10 speed, will run tubeless maxxis crossmark tryes, free load rack with dry bag and some revelate baggage (1/2 frame, handle bar bag and feed bag)

Camping gear: 1 man tent, exped sleeping mat, light sleeping bag and no cooking gear. Still sorting what to take, hope to cut down from what i have in the picture which took on the Timber Trail. Lighter must be good!

Name: Mark Humphreys (Humpanator-X)
Age: Older than the hills
Profession: The oldest, semi retired and known to hang out in bike shops.
Experience: More than some, less than others.

Bike: Pugsley
Age: 2
Bike set-up: Fat Freddys drop bar

Camping gear:  bivy tent

Name: Michael Dann
Age: 29
Profession: Research Assistant/Bike Mechanic
Experience: Touring in NZ, Aus, Europe, Japan and a little bike packing in Aus.

Bike: Titanium CX bike
Bike Age: ~2 years in my hands
Bike set-up: 2x9, Campag - Shimano mix with pretty much MTB gearing. Fattest tyres I can fit in it.

Camping gear: Minimal, bivy bag, mat and bag. Might swap to panniers and full camping kit if the forecast is rubbish.

Name – Bryce Lorcet.
Age – 40 plus a couple of days.
Profession – Bike geek (also known as product manager for Bicycle/Parts distributor Cycletech).
Experience – Many years of hacking around, no Brevet experience as such other than some multiday adventure rides.

Bike – Steel Niner SIR9.
Age – Just about to celebrate its sixth birthday.
Bike set-up – Revelate Designs bags, Stan’s NoTubes wheels and Raven tyres, Shimano XT 3x9, Ay-up light.

Camping gear – Yes but minimal; lightweight fly, light sleeping bag, ¾ length thermarest, piece of Tyvek building paper for a ground sheet.

Name:  Matthew Peploe
Age: 39
Profession:  Lawyer
Experience:  Te Tawhio and some family biking/camping expeditions

Bike:  Yeti Big Top
Age:  18 months
Bike set-up:  1x11 drivetrain, hard tail 29er with Fox forks and Stans Crest wheels with Revelate bags to carry all my gear.

Camping gear.  Yes: 1 person tent with sleeping stuff.

Name: Cliff Clermont
Age: 44
Profession: Civil Engineer
Experience GSB TBD, AZT 750 (DNF), Stagecoach 400, Trans Rockies

: Cannondale Scalpel 29er

Bike set-up: Bontrager Pro XL saddle bag, Event compression bag, Revelate cockpit and mountain feed bag and Camelbak

Camping gear:Sleeping bag, pad and bivy 

Name: Richard Davison
Age: 39
Profession: Freelance writer
Experience: One or two endurance events, mostly running.

Bike: Circa 2000 Haro VGF V1 MTB: aging, but reliable.
Age: 13-ish years?
Bike set-up: Begged, borrowed and stolen from 'proper' bikey friends...

Camping gear: Me own pillow.

Name: Patrick Morgan
Age: 49
Profession: Cycling advocate
Experience: Te Tawhio o Whanganui 2011

Bike: Giant Anthem
Age: 3
Bike set-up: Freeload + bags. New bell this year.

Camping: gear none

Name:  Richard Tait
Age:  40
Profession:  Management consultant
Experience:  mostly hacking aimlessly about Wellington on a mountain bike or cross bike.  Done a few endurance-ish things in the last decade like Ironman, Alpine Epic stage race, and Rainbow Rage Epic, as well as local things like the Wellington Peaks Race and cyclocross series.  No brevet experience, and feeling unsure what will happen when I have to sit in a saddle for 12 hours+!

Bike:  Soma Doublecross (a cyclocross/touring bike)
Bike Age:  Just over a year
Bike set-up:  fully rigid. Drop bars, disc brakes, 1x10 gearing with the option of using my foot to access a larger chainring that is mostly there for show, rear rack with a trunk bag on it, Brooks saddle, frame bag, front tyre is 50mm touring tyre and rear tyre is 42mm.

Camping gear:  none whatsoever.  Credit card all the way!  Locked in to doing certain distances each day.

Name:  Christopher R. Bennett
Age: 54
Profession: Civil Engineer, working for the World Bank in developing countries
Experience: Finisher 2013 Tour Divide, trans-USA, hopefully finishing 2014 Transcontinental!

Bike: 20er Titanium Motobecane hardtail.
Age: 2 years
Bike set-up: 30 speed Shimano. Carbon forks. Thudbuster. Son dynamo with Supernova light. Stan’s ARCH EX wheels built by Wheelworks in Wellington. Specialized Fast Track Control tyres running tubeless. Revelate design frame and seat bags. Garmin 800.

Camping gear: Z-pack hexamid tent and Z-pack sleeping bag. X-frame sleeping pad.

Name - Scotti Andrews
Age - 43
- Poo Doctor (plumber)
Experience - weekend warrior since the 80s

- 29er avanti competitor
Age - 2013
Bike set-up -  revelate bags all the way

Camping gear
- one man tent, lite weight kathmandu sleeping bag, silk liner, matt and titanium spork