07 June 2010

What next?

With a host of Brevet trip reports now published, including the recent Ground Effect newsletter article, there's a lot of interest in next summer's Brevet, and it's time for some news. (apologies to those expecting a reply to their emails - there've been too many to reply to individually, but I'll add you to the Kiwi Brevet email list).

We'll be running the Kiwi Brevet in even number years, which means the next one is scheduled for early February 2012. But there will be others to fill the gap.

Tim Mulliner is planning to organsie a Petite Brevet in the Port Hills/Banks Peninsula area in late November or early December. It will be a couple days long, non-stop. (a bit over 300 km with about 5800 m of climbing, so lots of massive vistas).

John Randal is working out a 700 km course in the Taranaki area (with a Start/Finish in Whanganui). This will be a similar mix to the Kiwi Brevet with lots of backroads and a few choice sections of 4WD. Plenty of awesome scenery. Probably a 4-day event, with designated overnight stops. He's looking at late January or early February.

There's also been some talk of a low-key, long weekend event in the Auckland region, and a big fat 12oo km ride in the lower South Island. Will post more details here as they come to hand.

Here in Wellington the weather has been foul for weeks now. I'm pleased to have something on the horizon to motivate some winter rides. But if the rain keeps up, at least there's coverage of the Tour Divide and Great Divide Race to keep us amused. There's even a New Zealander riding the Divide this year - Grant triplow from Taupo is lining up for the Tour Divide which starts on the 11th June.

Pedal on.