24 November 2014

Hi Kiwi Brevet Followers,

Sorry for the long time between updates,

Just a quick update on whats happening with the Brevet.
The route is being finalised & is looking good, for those who have ridden the brevet before there will be some small new changes of scenery for you as we have found some new roads to ride just to keep things interesting.
We have been to visit the owners of Mc Donalds Downs Station, they are super lovely & are really happy for us to cross their land again which is fantastic (as I personally found this section of the ride 1 of my favourites parts - especially the big bulls that are sometimes waiting at the gates for you...they are good motivation for you to keep riding...fast!)
Scott is busy trying to get his hands on SPOT trackers for you all.
As most of you will be aware to secure your place at the Brevet or Brevette start line we ask you to give a donation to a nominated charity.
This year we have chosen the Westpac Trust Helicopter as our charity & we are just currently getting this all set up with them, I am hoping this will all be all reday to go by the end of the week.
Once we have this ready we will open entries to the Brevet ....exciting!!

We will announce the date entries will open a couple days out, so pls keep an eye on either this blog or the facebook page over the next week so you don't miss out.

Hope the training is all going well

If you have any questions pls don't hesitate to email us kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Have a great week

03 September 2014

Facebook Page is up & running

Hi There,

We now have a facebook page up & running you can check it out & like it here

But don't worry all non facebook users - Scott has told me that this page is 'public' so you should be able to access it even without having a facebook account..

Also we will be making sure we keep this blog up to date with any news - so don't feel you will be missing out by not using the FB site...  But alot of questions, discussions...etc are being had on the FB site - also its a good place for other riders to post if they are looking for training buddies etc... so keep an eye on it.

Have a happy riding day

Cheers Jo

01 September 2014

Update on the update

HI there,
Just to clarify my below update as there seems to a little confusion.

Yes we are running BOTH Brevet (1100km) & Brevette (700km) rides.

 Cheers Jo

31 August 2014


Hi Brevet riders,
We are getting a great response to next years brevet - so that is very exciting.
Just a couple of things:
1. Yes we are running Brevette again next year (the smaller 700km brevet) - sorry we were supposed to add that into the last post but forgot.

2. We are currently setting up a new facebook page - once we have this up & running we will let you know so you can 'Like' us & keep up to date with any brevet news.

3. I have had some emails from people who are looking for training buddies for weekend missions, if you are keen to meet like minded brevet riders for training sessions - feel free to email me & I can put you in touch with anyone in your area who has contacted me..

4. Entries will open early Nov (date tbc).

5. Ride...ride...ride...

19 August 2014



Hello 2015 Brevet riders,
Whether you are an old hand or a new brevet adventure rider … its only 6weeks until daylight savings & 24weeks to the start of the Brevet – yahoo

Hi there we are Jo & Scott Emmens…. And we are the new official planners of the 2015 brevet.
Both Scott & I have ridden the Kiwi brevet 2 times – in each direction, we both have a huge passion for cycle touring & brevet style rides.
So we are super excited & amped to be organising the brevet this time around as we have both loved the adventure this ride brings to people.
Photo thanks to Pete Griffin
 With only 6 weeks until daylight saving (which also means warmer weather) I hope you are all starting to think about your brevet training & all the fun weekend adventures ahead to get prepared for February.

Scott & I have been reading all the feedback from this year’s brevet & we are starting to look at the course.
We have some other brevet riders who are suggesting small amendments to the course to make it more enjoyable, so we are busy in discussions with them to design the best course for everyone.
We will be keeping the course pretty similar to the 2014 route – but we will be running it in reverse.

Over the next few weeks / months we will start posting links to blogs of other riders doing awesome cycle adventures, we will be posting gear lists, & other fun bit & pieces to keep you interested.
But 1st if you have not already please take the time to read the blogs attached to the Kiwi brevet page & get a feel for what is in store for you & get you super excited about the adventure ahead.
By reading these you will learn a lot of tips & tricks to riding a brevet & finishing successfully.
Also top tips on the best places to stop…camp…eat…sleep… etc.

So if you have any questions or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 
If you are a new brevet rider & just want to chat about what is in store for you on the brevet– please contact us, we would love to talk to anyone & answer any questions you might have.

So dust off those bikes, get them in for a service & start getting that backside some serious hours in the saddle (trust me you will thank yourself for thisJ)

Brevet 2015 countdown officially starts now…..

13 June 2014

Tour Divide 2014...

The Tour Divide starts tomorrow. At over 4000km, just following it over the net is epic! There are a couple of Kiwis (that I know of) riding this year. Keep an eye out for Geof and Rob on the TD tracking page here

11 March 2014

What next?

First up, if you haven't filled in the feedback form mentioned a couple of posts ago, get stuck in and share some of your experience. Then check out all the feedback given already - quite entertaining. There are also some great write-ups and photos to be seen (see the list over on the right).

Also, we have about 20 Kiwi Brevet musettes left. I've paid for them and made the $500 donation to the Castle Hill trail builders, so now I really, really want to move them on. They're only $16 - bargain! See the 'how to buy' instructions in the last post.

When's the next Kiwi Brevet? Well, Scott and Jo have volunteered to run it (and the Brevette) in the future - yee haa! They're going to run it in the first week of February 2015 (starting on the 31st of Jan). To fit in with that timing, the Tawhio o Whanganui will (if run again) most likely be moved to late 2014.

In Feb-March 2016, Jonathan will be running Tour Aotearoa - a 3000 km brevet from Cape Reinga to Bluff. It will follow a similar route to the one described at the back of Classic New Zealand Cycle Trails. The route will be updated at the end of next year to include several sections of new cycle trails that are currently being constructed.

This length-of-New-Zealand brevet will be organised along the same lines as this year's Kiwi Brevet, and will probably be a one off event (who would be crazy enough to do this ride twice?). No entry fees, no prizes, just an unforgettable ride that will take from 15 to 30 days.

Tour Aotearoa will also have two brevette options: the North Island section and the South Island section (both around 1500 km long).