12 December 2018

Tracking Link and SPOT hire

Good evening one and all!

Hope you training and preparation is all coming together nicely?

As mentioned in my previous post tracking will be provided by Maprogess again this year. The tracking page can be found here https://kiwibrevet2019.maprogress.com/

Registration for tracking and to hire trackers can be done here https://kiwibrevet2019.maprogress.com/event/register
Tracking only is $34 (for those with their own device) and $99 to hire a device which includes tracking.

Boom, another thing off the list! We're ticking em off quick-smart now ;-)

05 December 2018

2019 registration is open for business

Hello everyone, thanks for for patience.

I am happy to start taking registration for the 2019 edition of the Kiwi Brevet and Kiwi Brevette events.

Here are the links to the two courses. Please note these links are for planning purposes ONLY, I will provide a finalised .gpx file and cue sheet for each event closer to the start.
Brevet - 1112 km with 20500m ascent https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27305903
Brevette - 756 km with 15300m ascent https://ridewithgps.com/routes/27444344
There may be some minor changes to these routes but they will not change much, you can start planning food and water stops, contact services for opening times etc.

This is a SELF SUPPORTED bikepacking adventure. You must complete the ENTIRE course under your own steam, without a support crew or ANY outside assistance (other than what is commercially available to every participant).
To register please send us an email to kiwibrevet@gmail.com with the following information.
Name(s) - You can ride either event as an individual or a team
Email address for ALL participants
Team Name if you have one
Event participating in - either Brevet or Brevette

Then head over to this page and make a donation of at least $50 PER PERSON to Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue. (Please use at least your first name and first initial of surname so I can check them off)

Please note you are ALL (at least one tracker per team) required to use a SPOT tracker for both events

Tracking and SPOT hire will be provided by Maprogress. A link will follow to register for tracking or to hire trackers.

Any questions flick me a message to kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Cheers, Scott and Jo

28 April 2018

Broken body means time to map

Hello one and all!

Some of you will know, others will not but I (Scott) broke a couple of vertebra in my neck on Easter Sunday whilst mountain biking. I'm a lucky boy, no permanent damage and a full recovery is expected. It has slowed me down somewhat - but it has freed up some time to start mapping out routes for Kiwi Brevet 2019.

Kiwi Brevet and Brevette 2019 will start and finish in the traditional home of the Kiwi Brevet, Seymore Square in Blenheim on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at 10am. You have until 10pm on Sunday 10th February to complete either of the courses.

We hope to be somewhat more organised this year than in the past but you know how life gets ;-)

Keep an eye on updates here and on Facebook over the coming weeks.

Cheers, Scott and Jo

01 February 2017

Rules 2017

What's shown below is an edited version of the rules blurb from 2014. The main thing is to complete the course under your own steam, without a support crew or ANY outside assistance (other than what is commercially available to every participant).

Text-ins (rather than 'call-ins') are to be made from designated towns along the route until you either finish or abandon the brevet. Text event HQ on 021 0325 069

The designated towns are in the cue sheets.


What is the Kiwi Brevet? What defines it? How does it differ from a race?

The Kiwi Brevet is a cycle touring challenge. It is defined by the course and the event rules. You can complete the course without following the rules, but you will have completed something that is, to some degree, different from the 'Kiwi Brevet'.

A really great dirt brevet has a challenging time component, but that is only one small element of what defines success in this event. If there were 'winners' in the inaugural Kiwi Brevet, I would say they were the riders who exceeded their expectations and shared their adventures with others (through photos, blogs, amusing call-ins and articles, etc). If you can meet some of the locals, enjoy some great food and scenery; and finish uninjured with a little bit left in the tank, then you have done very well indeed! And if you enjoy the company of fellow breveteers - deepening old friendships or developing new - you've really hit the jackpot.

The event culture is largely determined by its participants, but the rules lay the groundwork for how the riders tackle the course. With that in mind, here are the rules for 2017.

1. Do it all yourself, under your own steam.

2. Riders must carry all their own gear (i.e. no domestiques, unless you are part of a team).

3. No outside support (deliveries only to public addresses, no support from friends along the way, no support vehicles of any kind meeting you along the way). Prior to the race you may only post supplies to post offices.

4. Follow 100% of the course.

5. It is recommended that riders carry a personal locator beacon, and agree to cover the cost of rescue in the event they need to be evacuated.

6. Riders must not complete the course in less than 4 days (This event is not about finding the fastest rider).

7. Riders must finish in under 8 1/2 days. That is, by 10pm on Sunday the 8th Feb.

8. Between 9am one day and 9am the next, every rider must spend at least one block of at least six hours not travelling. That is, the maximum time any rider may spend travelling along the course will be 18 hours (between each 10am-to-10am period)

9. When on public roads, follow the NZ Road Code.

10. Text-ins are to be made from designated towns along the route until you either finish or abandon the brevet, text event HQ on 021 0325 069

11. Riders must observe all rules laid down by land mangers along the route (such as the Department of Conservation). Riders must not camp or light fires in the McDonald Downs Station section or the North Bank of the Wairau forest section of the course.

12. Don't be a dick

We intend having a finishing list, BUT please remember this is NOT a sanctioned event or race. Now I fully understand the competitive nature of these events, I get it, but please try to take part whilst keeping these guidelines in mind. This is a gentleman agreement, no one is out there watching your every move although the MAProgress site does provide near 24/7 ability to virtually do so.

Enjoy it, it is an adventure more than anything else.

31 January 2017

.gpx files

I have emailed the .gpx files out to all who have donated (and let me know), if you haven't received an email and believe you should have please email me at kiwbrevet@gmail.com

Cheers, Scott

27 January 2017


Good afternoon to you all!

With just over a week till start time I can finally let you see the confirmed routes for both events.

As you all know these have been tumultuous times - earthquakes, slips, weather bombs, road closures, other obstacles, the list goes on! I have my fingers and toes crossed that in the next week nothing else changes, but if it does, I am ready.

The biggest challenge has been with the Brevette course and as such, this year it is not going to be possible to change events after day one as both courses leave Blenheim via different routes. If you're on the fence about your fitness, motivation or capabilities take the time now to have a look at each route and decide which you want to do. The Brevet is 1100km with about 15500m climbing and the Brevette is 600km with about 10500m climbing. Both are fantastic routes and have their own unique features.

This is the link to the final Brevet route, once again this is NOT where you should get the .gpx file or cue-sheets from. This is provided to you today to help you plan you ride, how much food to take on day one, how much water to carry, what shops to contact for opening times etc.

This is the link to the final Brevette route, once again this is NOT where you should get the .gpx file or cue-sheets from. This is provided to you today to help you plan you ride, how much food to take on day one, how much water to carry, what shops to contact for opening times etc. 

Please let me know if you find any errors, I have spent the last two days going over these maps in pretty close detail so I am feeling confident they are a-ok, but hey, I'm human and I make many a mistake.

Jo and I will spend the weekend completing the cue-sheets, once that is done the .gpx files will have been triple checked and I will email them out.
The cue sheets will come to you as a .csv file so you can format them how you like, add in lines, colours, additional information etc. Plus we will send them out in a .pdf format which you can print and use as is.
Currently the .gpx file of the entire Brevet route is too large to import into a Garmin so I will split it into as many files as I need to to get it to upload.

As per usual, any questions fire us an email at kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Pedal on, Scott and Jo

24 January 2017

Just another hurdle

We have just been alerted to the fact that the Rainbow Rd is currently closed due to flood damage. I will contact the land owners tonight (only available between 7-9pm) to see if I can get an update.
In the meantime the Awatere Valley Rd has reopened today so that is an option again. I was trying to avoid that as I suspect there will still be a lot of heavy traffic/work being carried out on this road and the last thing they need is a group of riders cruising through.

Basically this means we are back to the drawing board. I am going to take the afternoon off work to spending some time reworking  the routes.

Sorry for the uncertainty of the routes but Mother Nature seems to be conspiring against us.

Stay tuned, Scott and Jo