28 April 2018

Broken body means time to map

Hello one and all!

Some of you will know, others will not but I (Scott) broke a couple of vertebra in my neck on Easter Sunday whilst mountain biking. I'm a lucky boy, no permanent damage and a full recovery is expected. It has slowed me down somewhat - but it has freed up some time to start mapping out routes for Kiwi Brevet 2019.

Kiwi Brevet and Brevette 2019 will start and finish in the traditional home of the Kiwi Brevet, Seymore Square in Blenheim on Saturday 2nd February 2019 at 10am. You have until 10pm on Sunday 10th February to complete either of the courses.

We hope to be somewhat more organised this year than in the past but you know how life gets ;-)

Keep an eye on updates here and on Facebook over the coming weeks.

Cheers, Scott and Jo