03 September 2014

Facebook Page is up & running

Hi There,

We now have a facebook page up & running you can check it out & like it here

But don't worry all non facebook users - Scott has told me that this page is 'public' so you should be able to access it even without having a facebook account..

Also we will be making sure we keep this blog up to date with any news - so don't feel you will be missing out by not using the FB site...  But alot of questions, discussions...etc are being had on the FB site - also its a good place for other riders to post if they are looking for training buddies etc... so keep an eye on it.

Have a happy riding day

Cheers Jo

01 September 2014

Update on the update

HI there,
Just to clarify my below update as there seems to a little confusion.

Yes we are running BOTH Brevet (1100km) & Brevette (700km) rides.

 Cheers Jo