10 September 2009

Couple of rule revisions...

1 - Old Rule:
No outside support (deliveries only to public addresses, no support from friends along the way). Prior to the race you may only post supplies to post offices.

This now becomes:
No outside support (deliveries only to business addresses, no support from friends along the way). No posting stuff to anywhere (not even post offices) prior to the race.

In NZ we don't have small towns with only post offices but not shops, so this exception doesn't make sense - it just erodes the self-sufficiency ethos.

2 - Old Rule:
Cell phones OK, but must not be used to call for food or supplies (or any other assistance) to be delivered (except to a public address/business).

Rule Change:
This rule has been removed. Delivery of supplies is covered by the previous rule.

3 - New Rule:
If a rider leaves the course, they must return to the course where they left it, under their own steam.
If a rider takes a shortcut (or long-cut) they will incur a time penalty for the section they miss, equal to twice the slowest riding time taken for that section during this year's brevet.

As the route is new and detailed navigation cues are not available, riders will not be disqualified for missing a section of the course. The time of the slowest person will be determined by their spot tracker.

Feel free to post comments if you have any thoughts on these revisions.