10 November 2011

Kiwi Brevet support for Project K

The charity for the 2012 Kiwi Brevet will be Project K. This is a programme for youth having difficulty getting their bearings in life. It was established by Graeme Dingle and is run by the Foundation for Youth Development. You can read more about it here http://www.fyd.org.nz/Programmes/ProjectKYear10/Home.aspx

In the Canterbury region, Project K includes mountain biking and tramping for 3 weeks along some of the same tracks we use. The kids leave their cell phones, family and friends behind and get a chance to have a fresh look at the direction their lives are heading. Only trouble is, shortly after the big quake, Project K's Christchurch base was burgled of all their bikes and tents. They're struggling to recover from that at a time when fundraising efforts in Canterbury are focused on quake recovery and some of their normal business sponsors are out of action. Seems like a good time for the Kiwi Brevet to share the love a little.

To confirm your Kiwi Brevet entry, please deposit a donation in the Foundation for Youth Development's account ( ANZ Banking Group (NZ) Limited 01-0102-0797399-002 ) with your name and 'KB' as a reference. They will let me know who has donated with a KB reference (but not how much you donated). Wondering how much to donate? It's up to you, but we recommend $50. As you know, even mid-range bikes and tents aren't cheap, and we'd like to see the Kiwi Brevet community raise enough money for a few of each.

If you don't do direct credits, you can send a cheque to the Foundation at:
PO Box 305 474
Triton Plaza
North Shore 0757

Please include a note that it is a Kiwi Brevet donation with the name you've entered the event under.