15 December 2014


Hi Breveteers!

We have 105 total entries, 74 Brevet Individuals, 11 Brevet Teams, 13 Brevette Individuals and 6 Brevette Teams.
At this stage we have allocated 71 Spot Trackers.

YOU have donated a whopping $5940 on our official Givealittle page and I know of a few donations which were made that somehow ended up with the Canterbury West Coast Air Rescue Trust, but not on our page, THANK YOU all!

Thanks to some eagle eyes (thanks Ross and Brian) I have corrected a couple of mistakes on the full Brevet map which is here, there are a couple of further adjustments that need to be made to the track in the next week. Please note that through a couple of sections the .gpx might not be exact BUT at those points you will be on a well formed and obvious track so navigation should not be a problem.
We will have comprehensive cue sheets which we will email out around the middle of January.
It is your responsibility to make yourselves familiar with the course by using the link above for the Brevet and the Brevette link here.
Start looking at the distances between services, find out what time those services are open etc.
We will provide a lot of information but certainly not all.
Some of you may want to start thinking about how far you will get each day and make separate maps for those days. You can create elevation profiles from these, mark where towns etc are.

This preparation is just as important to completing the event as fitness is. It is also the fun part of the prep, enjoy it.

OK, that's all for tonight.

Cheers, Scott and Jo