16 January 2015

Two weeks to go!

Hello Brevetters! Happy New Year to you all.

By now I hope you have got your gear sorted and have managed to get out for a couple of overnighters to find out what a loaded bike rides like!

Jo and I have been busy with the last minute preparations.

If you are signed up in the last couple of days you should have received emails from us about the SPOT trackers (if you are hiring one or have your own, otherwise you won't have received an email). I sent out a separate email with the .gpx files and the links to the courses overlaid a NZTopo map, and finally today I sent another email out with the Cue Sheets, and couple of useful links and some other notes!!

I would like to once again thank Gary Mckensie for providing the .gpx files, links to the NZTopo maps and the basis for the cue sheets, you are a champion.

We will be having a meet n greet on Friday the 30th at Dodsons Beer Garden from about 6.30pm. They have a great selection of beers along with fantastic food. We have not "booked" a table or anything but have let them know we are coming, it's pretty informal! Jo and I will be there to answer any queries of course. Thanks to Mondo for organising the venue
We would like to issue SPOTs that evening to those who are there. Tony from SPOT NZ will be there to issue the units and answer any questions.

Briefing will be held at the Top Town Cinema at 4 Kinross Street, Blenheim at 8am on Saturday the 31st January
We have a wee bit to cover off that morning so try to be on time ;-)
We will issue any SPOTs not issued at the meet n greet, collect your SIGNED any indemnity forms (emailing out next week) and take a mud shot of you and your rig and of course do an event briefing.
Please don't be shy about having you photo taken, it's all fun and I promise we won't sell them.
BIG thanks to Duncan Mackenzie for making this available to us.

OK that's it for this dispatch. Email us if you have any questions.

Cheers Scott and Jo