21 November 2016

Shake rattle and roll

Hi one and all,

Firstly I would like to send out our heartfelt best wishes to those affected by the earthquake last week. Jo and I know what it's like to be affected in this way by Mother Nature. Stay strong and patient :-)

Our course(s) for the 2017 Kiwi Brevet and Brevette are a little up in the air in the wake of the recent earthquake(s) in South Marlborough.
Although at this stage I do not think that any of the roads we travel on are actually affected directly by earthquake damage, the additional traffic now travelling between Picton/Blenheim and Christchurch on some of the same roads the KB travels on is causing us reflection on route choice. More-so for the Brevette course, than the full Brevet, due to it following the road through Lewis Pass. Post 2015 KB I received various bits of feedback about this road, mostly bad, and that was before it was the main trucking route up and down the island!

At this stage our intention is to still run the KB2017. I want to contribute to the economy of a region that will be suffering BUT I do not want to put any unnecessary strain on an already overloaded infrastructure or community. Please be patient while we work through options.

Any questions pop them through to kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Thanks Scott and Jo