28 January 2019


Hi, I have been in contact with The Nelson City Council and DOC about the current situation. I will call the Rainbow station Manager this evening.

As it stands today the Maungatapu Track is open for bikes, but the forest which the Brevette travels trough from the top of Whangamoa Saddle is not.
The Maitai Valley tracks are closed to recreational users.
Rabbit Island is closed to recreational users.

What this means to you is as follows:

  • Brevet riders, the only change will be in the Maitai Valley, you will continue all the way down Maitai Valley Rd without crossing over the Tantragee Saddle.
  • Brevette Riders will not turn left off SH 6 but will continue on to join the cycle trail at Clifton Terrace School which will tack you into Nelson. You will not go across to Rabbit Island on the Great Taste Trail turning left onto Redwood Road then right onto The Coastal Highway, then right onto Mapua Road.
Hopefully the Rainbow and Molesworth remain open for the next couple of weeks!

I plan to update the .gpx files and cue sheets tonight/tomorrow and email out as soon as I can.

I realise this is not ideal but none of these changes should affect you overall planning of food/water or accomodation.

As per usual, any issues, questions or comments please flick me an email kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Cheers, Scott and Jo