06 May 2020

Hi there + 2021 dates

Hi there,
So you have been asking for a while now, is the Kiwi on again? Please tell me when?

Well here it is....
10am Saturday 6th of February until 10pm Sunday 14th February 2021 Seymore Square Blenheim

Keep an eye out here for updates, registration info, route updates and hopefully helpful details.

But first things first, you will have also noted that I'm not Scott or Jo.

Hi, I'm Andy Chalmers.... the new instigator. I've ridden bikes for a while and even towed the start line of the Brevet in 2019. It is a bit of a story but I never got back to Blenheim. Following my enjoyment of both bikes and maps, Scott and Jo have handed over the reigns and I aim to continue the adventure.

It wouldn't be right to introduce myself without thanking Scott and Jo for all that they have done for the Kiwi Brevet/Brevette! Thank you Scott and Jo, hopefully now you might be able to ride the event again!

In the mean time I am going to get into planning, you hopefully are on your bike and if you have any questions - kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Be careful out there
Andy C