22 December 2009

West Coast Section Pic's

Lady Lake

We were fortunate to have Coaster's Tony Coll and Mark Dawson check out the options for the West Coast section of the course. The conclusion in now on the Google map of the course (along with an updated run from Springfield through to the Wharfedale). Mark drove the route in the weekend to check the directions (we'll email the details of that out in January) and he sent through these pic's he took along the way. This is all between Stillwater and Jacksons. Looks like reasonably fast gravel roads (with some tarseal thrown down here and there).

BTW, Hamish Seaton is working on altitude graphs for the entire brevet course - I've seen the first one and it is looking very accurate. For the stretch from Blenheim to Picton his calculation is a total of 1511m climbing, and a distance of 66 km. The distance is 13% longer that Google's estimate. We always new the Google Maps estimate would be a bit low, but it's still surprising to see it may be out by that much. Don't be surprised if the grand total comes out a bit over 1200 km after all.

Blair Rd

Bell Hill Rd

Kotuku Bell Hill Rd