18 December 2009

Which Tyres?

There's been a bit of discussion about which tyres to use for the Brevet. The key things to look for are light-weight, low rolling resistance, reasonable durability, and the ability to be run at really low pressures (which means going for a tyre with reasonable volume). For me, that leads to the Stans Crow and NoTubes sealant. I used them at the Great Divide Race and never had a single puncture. After buying some tyres & sealant the other day, the importers said they'd be happy to offer the brevet riders a special deal. Here it is:

"NoTubes offer all riders on the Kiwi Brevet starters list the opportunity to purchase NoTubes products at a 25% discount from RRP. To purchase contact Mike at The Bike Hutt (Upper Hutt), Jonty at Revolution Cycles (Wellington) or contact the New Zealand NoTubes distributor Cycletech (info@cycletech.co.nz) to find a NoTubes dealer near you. Discount offer valid through to the start of the event."