04 October 2011

The Start of a Start List

And...Ollie Whalley is coming back (as part of his preparations for the Tour Divide). Total is 91 names on the list, but I expect some people to pull out.

Plus Mick Brown
Peter McKenzie
Claude Dabaliz
Keri Devine & Rob Smith
Hana Black & Mark Watson
Tim Collinson
Matt Kyhun

On the 29th Oct:
Lori Slattery
Mike Revell

Couple more over the weekend:
Andrew Rowe
Iain Dephoff
and Scott Dunavan

On the 20th Oct, a few more Aussies:
Heather Logie & Shane Spicer
Libby Adamson
Steve Hanley
Nathan Versey

They bring the total up to 74. We'll keep taking names up to 100, since there are bound to be several people pull out over the next few months.

On the 12th Oct:
Graeme Wingman
Christopher Boyle & Mel Boyle
Michi Speck
Matt Gerstenberger

And Pat Hogan's back.

Extras added on the 10th Oct (bringing us up to 63 names, so far - one more than last year's field):

Stephen Butterworth
Karen & John Fausch (tandem)
Tor Madsen*
Troy Szczurkowski
Shaun Timberlake

A few more names - many of the usual suspects - added 10 pm 6th Oct:

Adam Basiljet
Stan Hancock
Dean Johansson*
Andrew Carman
Rosie Shakespeare
Jonty Ritchie
Alex Revell
Phil Brownie
Bill Fry
Brenda Clapp & Chris Burr
Geof Blance*
John Lubbe

Expressions of interest as of 9pm 4th October:

Al Rynn
Alastair Brown
Andrew King
Andy Gilbert & Tony Little (tandem)*
Andy Reid
Charlotte Ireland
Chris Charles
Chris Tennent-Brown
Christopher Gilbertson & Pip Russell*
Craig McGregor
Dan Roberts
Darren Tatom
Dave Sharpe*
David Kleinjan
Graeme Head
Jakub Postrzygacz
Jane Matchett
Jeff Lyall*
Jo Smith*
Joel Mc Farlane-Roberts & Clair Graydon
Julie Williams & Thomas Ekholm
Martin Harry
Matthew Kemp & Kerrie Noonan
Matthew Leyland
Michael Kingston
Michelle Cole & Joshua Kench
Nathan Mawkes
Owen Hughes
Paul Becker*
Paul Harrison Lowe
Peter Maindonald
Peter McKenzie
Richard Davies*
Robbie Halliday
Ross Cairns
Scott Emmens*
Thomas Lindup

* = confirmed (through donation to Project K)