02 October 2011

Want to put your name down?

OK...it's about time to start taking names for the 2012 Kiwi Brevet (starting on the 4th February, probably with a start time of 9am (not 10am)).

In order to keep things friendly, it's limited to 80 riders. Here's how we'll sort that out. Flick me an email ( simon at kennett dot co dot nz )or post a comment below this thread (with your full name) to indicate you are seriously interested. I'll create an 'expression of interest' list from those names.

In a few weeks we'll have decided on a charity to support for 2012. You'll be invited to confirm your entry by making a donation to that charity (of $50, or more if you are feeling generous). The first 80 people to make a donation will be confirmed starters. If we have less than 80 riders make a donation to the nominated charity, then entries will stay open until the 28th January (and then close, to allow time to sort out all the admin in an efficient manor).

As mentioned previously, the course will have a few changes, but be essentially the same as in 2010, BUT be run in a clockwise direction. Another significant change is that the mandatory block of rest at the end of each day will be increased from a minimum 4 hours to a minimum 6 hours. This should tip the balance in favour of greater recovery (and fewer over-use injuries).

And the other big change is that there will be two categories: Solo and (2-4 person) Team.