09 November 2013

How to Enter for 2014

Well, the 2014 Kiwi Brevet and Brevette are now about 12 weeks away...it's time to get a start list going.

If you want to enter, send an email with your name, contact details and category (solo or 2-4 person team) to simon at kennett dot co dot nz and make a donation (typically $50) to one of the following two charities:

Canterbury West Coast Air rescue Trust
Bank Account - Westpac, Westfield Riccarton, 03 0823 0216240 00


Project Rameka  
Project Rameka Inc.  KiwiBank 38 9007 0752396 00

Please include a reference of 'KB2014' with your payment so that they know to let us know you've made a donation.

If you are coming from overseas, it may be easier to make a donation when you get her (that's OK, but please don't ask to have your name added to the starting list until you are positive you're coming).

To keep the event at a reasonable size, we'll limit entries to the first 100.

Once you're entered we'll make contact about your SPOT tracker or rescue beacon (you need one per team or solo. Team members must stay within shouting distance of each other out on the course).

If you are having difficulty deciding which event to do - the 700km Brevette or 1100km Brevet - ask yourself the following questions:

1 - Have I ever ridden 100 km days with touring gear, two days in a row?

2 - Could I ride 150 km in a day comfortably, next weekend?

3 - Do I have any navigation, cycle touring and/or off-road riding experience?

If you answered 'No' to all three questions, I suggest you try the Brevette. But don't let me stop you from stretching yourself well beyond your previous (or current) limits - it's been done before, and it was inspiring to watch.

That said, despite answering 'yes' to all three questions, I'm going to try the Brevette next year, so I get more time to 'smell the roses' (and finish with some reserves in the tank for events later in February).

Going full-on heroic or cruise mode, it's all the same to us so long as you finish the course 100% under your own steam with no outside support, within 8 days.

There will be no problems with people wanting to switch from one option to the other at the last minute (or even when you get to Springs Junction) so long as you let us know. We'd like to know which side of the Alps to go looking for you if you disappear off the radar!