23 November 2013

New Sections of Course for 2014

It's been a while since we've posted any photos - thanks to Mondo Kopua for the photos below which he took during a recon' ride of the North bank section of the Wairau Valley. This is private property, so please wait until the Brevet before checking it out.

Below the photos there are some paragraphs outlining the new sections of course for 2014. Overall, there's potential for up to 330km of the route to be different from previous Kiwi Brevets.

As you ride round the course the first significant section of new track will be the Great Taste Trail between Nelson and Wakefield. Check out the details here.

For those doing the Brevette, Lewis Pass will be new territory. There are a few images and notes of the history of the pass here.

On the Brevet course there is a good chance of a singletrack option between Craigieburn and Castlehill. This will add at least a couple of hours (and be optional) but if alpine singletrack is your thing, you won't want to miss it. For a hint of what it will be like, check out this link (with video).

We're looking into changing the route between Lees Valley and Culverden. If successful, you'll be in forest skirting round the south side of Mt Grey.

North of Hanmer, the Rainbow Road is far more interesting than the Molesworth as it is half tussock land and half beech forest. This link classes it as a 'Dangerous Road'. Cool!

That also opens up the possibility of another optional section - the St James Cycle Trail - details here. Again, it's not compulsory, but if you have the legs for it I highly recommend it.

Once out of the Rainbow we'll stay on the Northbank of the Wairau (often through the private forest pictured above) all the way to Renwick (by which time you'll probably be gagging for an ice cream, some fresh fruit, or a cool beer).