28 January 2014

Musettes for Singletrack

Hana, Mark, Jo and Scott have come up with these groovy Kiwi Brevet musettes - a lightwieght cotton bag designed to carry cycling fuel. They're making 50 musettes, which we're selling for $16 each. $10 from each bag sale goes to cover the $500 we've given to the Castlehill Village trail crew so they can hire a digger to open up a new section of singletrack for us in the Craigieburn area, just in time for next week.

If you'd like us to put you down for a musette, email simon [at] kennett [dot] co [dot] nz
We'll collect the money at the brevet briefing and hand out as many as Hana, Mark, Jo and Scott get made this week to the people who order first. The rest will be posted out in mid-Feb.