27 January 2014

Some last minute notes...

Hello Kiwi Brevet riders
I've tweaked the course a little bit on the way out of Blenheim - don't worry about the detail as we'll be lead out of town by Rob from the local council. Also, I've altered a few hundred metres of the google map through Nelson, so it aligns properly with the cue sheet.
Brian Alder has developed the cue sheet further with distances for virtually every turn - handy for those without GPS's. Please see a copy attached. I've only cast a quick eye over it - it looks good, but you might want to check it in detail. If you use a cue sheet, don't forget to get your maps sorted this week.
The Spot trackers have arrived from the USA (just need to clear customs). If you are hiring one (and I think there may still be a couple to spare) you'll need to bring some batteries - three AAA lithiums. Only lithium batteries have the power needed to last the distance.
We've checked the donations to the Kiwi Brevet 2014 charities and see that most of you have been generous - $5,000 has beed raised so far. Awesome! However, a couple of dozen riders have yet to make a donation. Please do this in the next day or two and email me with confirmation (as this will save the hassle of dealing with cash at the briefing). The details are here: http://www.kiwibrevet.blogspot.co.nz/2013/11/how-to-enter-for-2014.html
The main briefing will be at 10am on Saturday at Top Town Cinema, Kinross St, Blenheim. There will be an early briefing for riders in Wellington at 6pm on Thursday, at Revolution Bicycles, Northland Rd, Wellington.
There are some health & safety conditions that we are required to meet to go through the private forest on the North Bank of the Wairau River. These include lights and some form of high-vis (something that will have you stand out in the shadows in mature pine forest). Please bear this in mind when packing your gear.
That's all for now. See you at the end of the week!