30 November 2014

Entry Process

Hi Breveteers,
As we mentioned on Thursday, we are initially capping the entries at 120 for both the Brevet and Brevette . This will be reviewed once we have an indication of how popular the event actually is!
We ARE restricted by the number of Spot Tracker devices we have available for hire, at this stage we have 100. Every rider (or team) doing the Brevet MUST carry a Spot Tracker, this is a requirement by the land owners of McDonalds Downs. Spot Trackers are not required for the Brevette, but tracking will be available if you have your own Spot Tracker.
Priority of the allocation of Spot Trackers will go to Brevet riders, however if we have any left we will hire them out to Brevette riders.
We are more than happy for "teams" to enter either the Brevet or Brevette, a team will be regarded as one "place" on the start line. Note that if a team is entering the Brevet you must have at least one Spot Tracker. At this stage, due to the limited number of Spot Trackers, we will only hire one tracker per team. You must stay within shouting distance of each other at all times throughout the event.

Please note that the organisation of the Kiwi Brevet is done in our own time, we both work full-time and also like to ride our bikes occasionally, this is not a commercial venture in any way, therefore all costs need to be passed on.
We (as do the owners of McDonalds Downs, as another requirement of passing through their land) ask that you make a minimum $50 donation per person (please note teams) to our chosen charity as below.
The cost of hiring the Spot Trackers will be passed on to all hirers, expect a cost of around $125 for the hireage of the trackers and tracking service. If you have your own Spot Tracker, the tracking service will be provided free of charge this year.

Please email kiwibrevet@gmail.com with your NAME (or names of ALL members of a team, nominate a Captain to coordinate for the team), EVENT (Brevet or Brevette), plus if you require to HIRE a Spot Tracker (remember you MUST have a Spot Tracker to enter the Brevet).
We will reply with a link to our Givealittle page. We ask for a minimum $50 donation to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service, our chosen charity.
Do not tick the "Make this donation anonymously" box, this is how we will know who has donated!!
Please don't expect an immediate reply to your email, however we will do our best to check the email account as often as possible tomorrow and Monday then throughout the next week.
We will also let you know how the Spot Tracker hirage process (if required) will work. This will take a few additional days once we have a feel for the demand etc.
Once your entry is confirmed by your donation on the Givealittle account we will be back in touch via email to discuss the finer details.

We hope to have the course maps available within the next two weeks and intend to have the cues sheets complete in early January.

We will also put up some event guidelines in the next few days but remember this is a Gentleman's (or Gentlewoman's) race, with few rules. Please only enter the event if you are prepared to take part in the spirit of the event. This is a fully self supported event, please no organising food caches, only commercially available accommodation to be used, no visits from loved ones to give you food etc.

Looking forward to hearing from you all, Jo and Scott