24 November 2014

Hi Kiwi Brevet Followers,

Sorry for the long time between updates,

Just a quick update on whats happening with the Brevet.
The route is being finalised & is looking good, for those who have ridden the brevet before there will be some small new changes of scenery for you as we have found some new roads to ride just to keep things interesting.
We have been to visit the owners of Mc Donalds Downs Station, they are super lovely & are really happy for us to cross their land again which is fantastic (as I personally found this section of the ride 1 of my favourites parts - especially the big bulls that are sometimes waiting at the gates for you...they are good motivation for you to keep riding...fast!)
Scott is busy trying to get his hands on SPOT trackers for you all.
As most of you will be aware to secure your place at the Brevet or Brevette start line we ask you to give a donation to a nominated charity.
This year we have chosen the Westpac Trust Helicopter as our charity & we are just currently getting this all set up with them, I am hoping this will all be all reday to go by the end of the week.
Once we have this ready we will open entries to the Brevet ....exciting!!

We will announce the date entries will open a couple days out, so pls keep an eye on either this blog or the facebook page over the next week so you don't miss out.

Hope the training is all going well

If you have any questions pls don't hesitate to email us kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Have a great week