23 December 2016

Merry Christmas

Please note that Jo and I are not being deliberately quiet or avoiding contact but I don't want to give false information until I know what is happening.
I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place (pun absolutely intended).
It is Christmas for us too, I'm still at work as I type this, our other lives carry on while we TRY to organise the event. I am not looking for sympathy, we love bringing this event to you all BUT I am asking for understanding and patience. 
This is a huge undertaking, we are NOT prepared to put our name to an event that has the potential to put participants at any added risk. Please understand that this is a volunteer run event.
The Kiwi Brevet covers 1100km, it is predominately in the back blocks of our beautiful country. Being in the back blocks can mean that intel is harder to come by, and that sometimes the roads we want to use are not such a priority for the local administration.
Sitting here right now I am ready to throw my arms up in frustration and say damn it, let's just postpone it till later in the year. That's the easy option but I know that as soon as I do that the roads will be cleared and some people will grizzle.
To be fair to everyone we need to make a decision fairly soon.
Cheers, Scott and Jo