11 January 2017

Happy New Year

Hello one and all,

I trust you have all enjoyed a relaxing silly season with much merriment and plenty of riding.

The event is definitely going ahead.

We have chopped and changed the course several times to try and ensure your safety where possible.
We thought we had the perfect course sorted before a game stopper was pointed out to us by the wonderful Dan van Asch, thanks Dan.
The November earthquake caused a massive slip in the Awatere Valley at the northern end of the Molesworth road. Initially we though this would be cleared in time for the event but it appears that it is a lot more complex than anticipated.
Check out these articles here on Stuff and here Stuff about the slip.

We are just awaiting a couple of final bits n bobs before we will release the courses. The courses will be heading in an clockwise direction again this year.
The Brevet will follow a similar route to 2015 with a few changes.
The Brevette course is a significantly different course, possibly a little more tough than earlier editions, but still achievable. The "crux" of the Brevette course comes in the first half, so will be tackled while you are still fresh!

We hope to send out the final entry process before the end of this week.
This will include a link to our givalittle page, donating to the Westpac Rescue Helicopter - Canterbury/West Coast along a link to the registration page for MAProgress, who are doing the tracking and the rental of the SPOT trackers for those that require them.

Thank you all for your continued patience and support.

Any questions flick us an email at kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Cheers, Scott and Jo