21 January 2017

Course routes etc.

This time in two weeks the riders will be about four hours into the 2017 edition of the Kiwi Brevet!

After much back and forth I can finally confirm the course for both the Brevet and Brevette.
Due to the uncertainty of the slip in the Awatere Valley we have decided to travel in the same direction as the 2015 edition which allows us to utilise the North Bank Rd. which travels on the north side of the Wairau River, thus avoiding the extremely busy SH 63 for as long as possible. This road passes through private forestry. Permission was granted on the proviso that everyone will be through in one day, there is no camping allowed and absolutely no lighting of fires, not even camp stoves. Please also note that the bridges in the forested area have all been removed so you will get wet feet early on in the event!
At the 89km point both courses join SH63, please please please be careful crossing this bust main road. You continue travelling west on SH63 for 14km before turning right to head down the Rainbow Rd towards Hanmer Springs.
There are NO services on the route for the first 243km, you need to plan accordingly, Water is accessible at numerous points along the way but you will need to carry enough food for 243km of tough riding. Please don't underestimate this. A good policy would be to start out easy, very easy, the first 163km are slowly climbing. There are no medals for going the furthest on day one then having to pull the pin.
I will provide some further descriptions of each course in the next fews day, but in the meantime I have added the links to the event courses in the sidebar to the right or you can check them out here:
Brevet - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18363606
Brevette - https://ridewithgps.com/routes/18411429
These are for reference and planning only, they are NOT the final .gpx files and cue sheets, these will follow next week.

The link to the MAProgess tracking page is also in the sidebar or can be found here - https://kiwibrevet2017.maprogress.com

Any questions flick me an email at kiwibrevet@gmail.com

Cheers, Scott