01 February 2014

It takes a village to raise a Brevet

It's perfect conditions here in Blenheim this morning - overcast with a light southerly breeze. Should make the vertigous Port Underwood road considerably more enjoyable! Before heading off for the briefing, I've got to take a minute to acknowledge all the people who've helped make the third Kiwi Brevet and Brevette happen.

- The Kennett Bros (Jonathan and Paul) for sorting out all manner of admin hassles and being event HQ while I'm off enjoying the Brevette.
- Jeff Lyall for doing the rider profiles and helping unravel the mysteries of Twitter feeds
- Dave Sharpe for setting up/managing the Kiwi Brevet 2014 Facebook page, and arranging the donations to the rescue helicopter
- Mondo Kopua for negotiating and signposting the land access through Wairau's North Bank forest
- Duncan at Top Town Cinema for providing us with a theatre for the briefing
- Robin Dunn for suggesting the route out of Blenheim and agreeing to lead the way at the start
- Marlborough Bike-Fit for letting riders leave gear at their shop and receiving the Spot Trackers when people finish
- Scott and Matthew for sorting the Spot Trackers leaderboard
- Hana, Mark, Jo and Scott for handling the musette design and construction
- The Pattersons and Manuka Island Trust for allowing access through their land
- All my friends who've helped sort out accommodation for this adventure at a time when I've been too busy to think about such 'minor' details.
- Jennie Taylor for the free Sweet Cheeks Butt Butter samples and agreeing to be a 'Trail Angel' (she prefers 'Trail Witch') on the first leg.
- My buddy John for agreeing to help spice up the blog while I'm on the road
- My long-suffering wife and daughter for putting up with my frequent absences into the computer room, and my mother-in-law, Shona, for looking after Miro this week (while both Sarah and I ride).

And all those who have offered encouragement along the way. Cheers!