05 February 2014

Times are getting tough

Kiwi Brevet hit by cold and rain

Reports are now coming in of rain and cold temperatures in North Canterbury. This may continue throughout the day, but the forecast for tomorrow is excellent.

Here are some updates that have come in that were too long for tweeting.

Dave Sharpe finished yesterday and may have continued riding. Nathan Favae is in the home straight, battling a head wind between Renwick and Blenheim right now (1:45pm, Wed).

"Sam Davidson is calling it a day. Legs blow up going over jacks. Had to ride some single track back to town. Bugger. Had a blast for the rest of the day. Rose some awesome tracks. And spun many a yarn. Thanks to all the riders for the positive vibes. And to all the crew for organising a great event. I'll be back next time with fresh legs and lighter bike. Yeow time for soak in pools and some short single track tomorrow. Ride on." Sam last night.
"Sam. Don't make your decision until tomorrow. OK?" Jonathan
"Righto boss. I'll c tomorrow. They weren't good today tho." Sam

"Mark and Richard at St Arnaud. Lovely long lunch at Lake Tennyson. Headwind most of the way and got sick of the corrugations on the cx bike. Felt strong today." from last night.

After John de Garnham pulled out when his carbon belt drive broke someone (I think the agent) found one and sent it to him and he is now back on the road. Does go to show the danger of touring with uncommon bike bits.

Life is easy after the Brevette...
"OK, 3 coffees in, brunch and a good sleep and I'm feeling much better. Thanks Simon and brevet(te) HQ for a great ride. Some awesome riding and some rough roads! Hanging with riders at the stops was great and something I missed once I turned off at springs and didn't see any other riders till Blenheim. Good company from Pat, Andrew, and Tor especially. Thanks again." Michael Dam

Steven MacLeod has been dreaming of moving to Holland since day one (to avoid hills) and is now learning dutch somehow.
"Steven Macleod scoffing van pies in Sheffield. Gevoel behoorlijk comfortabel op de viaktes van Canterbury Plainsboro zijn zeer vergelijkbaar met mijn nieuwethuis Holland."

The trials of the road and pulling out gracefully...
"Martin Harry and Alistair Brown have had to pull out. Achilles problems for both of us and a smacked up ankle on Big River. Thx for organising such a great event, a fantastic four days."

And just got a call from Nathan saying he has finished and has the best saddle sores of his life! No more information required thanks Nathan.