04 February 2014

It's Complicated

Messages to clear up confusion

Strange things are happening on the roads of the Brevet. Several riders have switched to the Brevette, a couple of spot trackers aren't working and others have simply taken a wrong turn. Here are some updates.

"Perfect day, some great riding over Porika & Braeburn, swim in the river, lunch at Rivers Cafe, siesta under a tree and then some more riding, bit of a bugger the next bit is uphill." From Malcolm Hughes yesterday afternoon.

"I have just had the most enjoyable days riding, partly due to not being in a hurry. I will be turning left at Springs Junction, so a DNF for the Brevet, but a few days of riding with no pressure. Pretty Happy." From Michael Hoogeveen yesterday evening

"Hi. Craig Madsen and Mark Humphreys at Murch. Changing to brevette due to the over abundance of native flowers being picked for pressing on our return. So we have been unable to make out timings. So the Brevette it is." Yesterday evening.

"Charlotte and Tim have switched to the short brevette course and are now in Hanmer Springs." Yesterday evening.

"Ric D in Reefton (by foul means...) resume biking tomorrow as planned. Lost in admiration for hardcore breveteers..." Yesterday night.

Kirby and Mick report their spot tracker has died. They camped at St Arnaurd last night, along with a dozen other brevette riders.

"Sam Davidson texting from Springs Junction. And turning left over Lewis. Body is cooked from two days of boiling heat. Numb hands and back. But pushing on tonight. Yeow!!" Sent yesterday night - hang in there Sam.

"Got to Murchison this avo. Loved the ride over Braeburn. Heading to Springs Junction tomorrow. Will see how I go. Might divert to the shorter Brevette course.: From Iain D last night.

Dean Fleur Fod Pawsey team are currently off course. They missed a turn and are heading to Lake Brunner. Wonder when they will realise?

Has anyone taken the Craigieburn deviation yet? Not that I know of. If there were prizes, a special one would go to those that do. But their aren't prizes. Everyone is out their for the love of cycling!