31 January 2012

2012 Start List

Here it - the start list for 2012. Fifty-seven riders, including 9 women, one tandem and a few guys who will still have crusty butts from last weeks Great Southern Brevet.

Jointly (along with a few hopefulls who have pulled out) they've donated a bit over $3,000 to Project K so that kids less fortunate than us have access to similar character-building experiences. Here's hoping that earns them all the good karma they need to enjoy a great brevet.

If you are wondering who these people are or what gear they are using, check out the profiles at

Alastair Brown & Martin Harry
Alex Revell
Andrew Carman
Andrew King
Andy Gilbert & Tony Little (tandem)
Andrew King
Andy Reid

Bill Fry
Brenda Clapp & Chris Burr

Charlotte Ireland & Tim Collinson
Christopher Gilbertson
Claude Dabaliz
Craig McGregor

Dan Roberts
Darren Tatom
Dave Sharpe
David Kleinjan
Dean Johansson

Geof Blance
Graeme Head

Hana Black

Jeff Lyall
Jimmy Finlayson
Jo Smith
Joel McFarlane-Roberts & Clair Graydon
John Lubbe
Jonty Ritchie
Julie Williams & Thomas Ekholm

Karin Pehrson

Lance Griffin

Matt Gerstenberger
Matthew Kemp & Kerrie Noonan
Michelle Cole & Joshua Kench
Mick Brown
Mike Revell

Nathan Mawkes

Ollie Whalley
Owen Hughes

Pat Hogan
Paul Becker
Peter Maindonald
Peter McKenzie
Peter Sullivan
Richard Davies

Scott Emmens
Stephen Butterworth

Thomas Lindup
Tor Madsen
Troy Szczurkowski