16 January 2012

Wellington Pre-Brevet Meet - 2nd Feb

Want to have a chat with some fellow Breveteers before the event? If you're in Wellington, pop into Revolution Bicycles (at the Northland Shops) at 6pm on Thursday the 2nd Feb.

We'll take the opportunity to issue SPOT trackers, cue sheets and liability waivers to whoever turns up, and go over some maps of the course. If you can get these formalities out of the way on the Thursday the 2nd, it'll make the morning of the 4th a bit less stressful. Given this years 9am start (preceeded by the briefing) it will be all go in the 2 hours prior to the start.

There are three pizza shops within skidding distance of Revolution Bicycles - bring an appetite and something to quench your thirst. The veterans from 2010 will bring some tall tales.