15 January 2012

Revelate Designs

Nice to see the long-distance MTB riding scene in NZ has grown large enough to justify an importer bringing in Revelate bags. Their stuff is very highly regarded in the States.

If you're interested, check out http://www.cycletech.co.nz/products/346-revelate_designs.aspx

Sometimes it pays to have a little extra carrying capacity. As I was flying home from Wanaka today, I thought the Great Southern Brevet riders might like to take an extra thermal layer - there's fresh snow down to 1000m! We're highly unlikely to see snow on the Kiwi Brevet, but the southerly that blew through the Molesworth in 2010 saw me donning my balaclava. If you're not taking a sleeping bag, a survival blanket is a wise insurance policy.

Here's the sort of gear I like to take on a long, fast ride like this:
That plus a spot tracker and cell phone. These days I'd consider using a Freeload rack at the back (my home-made contraption was lighter...and more fragile). If I wasn't taking a bunch of sleeping gear, I'd probably use a big under-seat bag like the Revelate one. But next time, some camping under starry skies is on my agenda.