17 January 2012

Briefing, Start List and Rider Survey

The morning of the Kiwi Brevet start we'll meet at Top Town Cinemas, 4 Kinross St, Blenheim for a rider briefing in one of the theatres (thanks again to Duncan for this great venue). Arrive at 7am to meet some of your fellow riders and sign the event waivers. The SPOT tracker allocation and briefing will be at 7:30. After the briefing you'll have about 45 minutes to sort out your final preparations and meet at the start (Seymour Square) for the 9am kick-off.

If you need somewhere to leave a bag during the brevet, head for Cycle World, 58 Charles St, Blenheim (just a block from Seymour Square). If you are hiring a SPOT tracker from Pat, you'll be able to drop it off there after your ride. They'll kindly be opening early on the 4th Feb, so you can get any last minute bike supplies at the same time as you drop off gear.

The Start List post has been updated, with the list being split into confirmed and unconfirmed starters. We're still getting the odd person wanting to sign up, so we need people to confirm (or step back) sooner rather than later, please. It's now only 18 days to the start of the 2012 Kiwi Brevet! If you aren't confirmed by the end of the month, we'll assume you have decided to give it a miss this year.

Kiwi Brevet veteran, Jeff Lyall, has volunteered to carry out this years rider's survey (Thanks Jeff). Some of this information is essential in case of an emergency.

Also, we all put a lot of effort into preparing for this event and it would be great if you were able to share some information about yourself and your set-up. We are looking at making a page on the Kiwi Brevet website for rider profiles.

If you are happy for us to share your answers then please let us know, otherwise we will just keep your info unpublished.

It would be great to have the details from you before the event starts, along with some contact information for during the race. At the end of the event, we'll ask you for a quick summary of how things went, what you wish you'd had, and what you wish you hadn't!

If you could reply to the questions below, via email to jeff.lyall (at) gmail.com that would be much appreciated. A photo of you and/or more importantly, your bike would be really good !

Happy for us to publish your details ( yes or no )

Rider name:



Cycling experience (endurance event or touring history):

Bike (make, model and colour):

Bike Age:

Bike setup (racks, modifications, wheel size, tyre size):

Basic Gear list (e.g. camping):

Photo attached: ( yes or no )

Your cell phone during event:

Emergency contact person name and phone number: