06 February 2015

Friday afternoon

Peter Goodman:
Hi all thanks for a great week of riding, thanks to Steve for the highs and lows we had and still riding on. It know was a load of fun.
Safe back in Blenheim seating in the sun warm unlike last night…

Brendan Pheasant:
Nelson check-in on a last Waitangi Day. Nice to have some sun and worth.

Kim Daubney and Alistair Adam:
Whoop! Whoop! Al and Kim finished as the bell struck 2pm SMILEY FACE J Thanku Jo and Scott thanks so much

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Seymore Square. I am done and I’m done. Really enjoyed the punishment and back in time to get my flight…

Ross Friedrich:
All right. Over the hill we go. Ross, craig and Darren just waiting on some bike repairs before we go.

Rob Hoult:
Rob Hoult has FINISHED. At Seymore Square 3.45pm. Thanks!

Geoff Gabities:
On west bank rd!

Hamish Dalglish:
Haish Dalglish nelson no rain thank goodness

Kirsty Moran:
Hi Scott. Could you please put a shout out to anyone in Blenheim in the morning who wants to meet up for breakfast about 9am. Text me 0210622242 or Robyn 0272265246. Legend, thanks!!