04 February 2015

Wednesday night

Wednesday night Text In’s…

Steve Makin:
Steve & pete in Murchison, quite the opposite of yesterday & Maruia saddle was beautiful J

Mark Wattie:
In Nelson, spot tracker not going.

Dirk Naish:
Eating Mc Donalds in Nelson, stooping here for the night

Gordon Sloane:
Hi Scott, I’ve Finished , Yee Ha, will talk to you later. Gordon.

Greg Galway:
Sorry Nelson & Seymour Square… Bloody awesome event, thanks a million

Jeremy Bray:
Jeremy Brae. Nelson. Satying at Maitai valley campground, new seat for the last push throu to Blenheim tomorrow.

Team Bike Fit:
Hi Team bike fit reporting in in Nelson, meaning Brevette my phone has been out. Been going way better. Cheers

Craig Moss:
Hi Guys, Craig, Darren & Ross Reefton, all good but I think my tracker could be flat, keep turning off & flashes red. Cheers Craig.

Oliver Herdsman:
Again forgot to text in at Reefton, at springs junction now, sheltering from the rain after a measly 100km, Big River trail was excellent !!!!

James Burgess:
James & Alex in Nelson, via exploding tyres & all you can eat fruit in the hedges. Time for food & a swim.

Lou Perkins:
Hey Scott, This little on what to come energy levels are low but I would like to say you & your wife are awesome, thanks you so much J

Brendon Pheasant:
A late Reeftoin check in having arrived at Springs Junction in pouring rain, warm & dry now, staying put for tonight.
Big River & out to Reefton absolutly fantastic, loved it – the highlight so far.

Jasper van der Lingen:
Jasper finished 6:55pm Wed. Great ride, scenery, cafes, pubs & beers.
Discovered that my bike has  astrange aversion to tarseal. Otherwise all good. Thanks millions Scott & Jo

Alistair Davidson:
Thanks for the envourgement, planned to get to Mauria stopped at Springs Junction & Oliver & co. offered me a room. Wet & cold so decided to stay at Springs. Think I need a concreet pill.. feeling fine .

Andy Gilbert:
Andy Gilbert finished in Belnheim at 6”05pm, had to sort beer/ fish & chips & shower before text. Thanks for everything Scott & Jo.

Dean Ford:
Finished! Flew in as the tower chimed 8, so 4 days 10hrs, Thanks Scott & Jo freakin awesome few days.

Andy Beale:
Hi Jo, Limping home slowly J

Brett Herdman:
In Nelson

Peter Brooking:
Hey Scott, I’m in Nelson. Forgot to text in from Murchison. Rdgs.
I’m still with Brett and Glen.

Oli du Bern:
Oli du Bern. Picton. This is where my ride ends, I’m hopping on a ferry. Well done to all the riders and scott and jo for organising. Thanks also to my riding buddy, tom. In the end, I sisn’t complete either the brevet or brevette, im calling my ride the beevette, as tribute to all the bees that I meet along the course, 2 of which decided to sting me. Thanks bees.

Dean Marshall:
Dean Marshall, in Murchison, spot tracker not working, must have been one too many rocks on big river

Steve Halligan:
Hanmer now lol. Thanx very much guys for a brilliant job organising the brevet. Hope its on again!! Let me know if your ever up in hanmer

Andy Beale:
Rarangi. Moved Spot.

Dave Cooper:
Made it to Picton by my self imposed cut off (subway closing) so am sorted for food now and later and am going to push on round port underwood, possibly literally

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Murchison I made it to Murch, loved maruia saddle but broke 2 more spokes. That makes 4 in 24 hours. HELP! Does anyone have any spare spoke nipples and a spoke tool? My wheel is collapsing!