04 February 2015

Wednesday Afternoon text in's..

Wednesday Afternoon Text call in’s…..

Gareth Rapley:
Made It!!

John Carman:
John Carman in 12:20 yus!!! Thanks Scott & Jo J

Greg Thurlow:
Hi Scott. Just finished up in Blenheim with John & Gareth. Thanks for organizing. Some nice views today…..gt

Thomas Crowley:
In nelson, Feeling less injured so aiming for Blenheim tonight. Pew Pew

Andy Gilbert:
Andy Gilbert Nelson for lunch 12:30. Moving on

Oli Du Bern:
Oli du Bern. Nelson. Beautiful day here, very tempted to relax & chill but instead will attack the managtapu.

Joe Jagusch:
Tapa 2 Wakefield rocks….. for a road mash.
Great to c brevette riders en mass, helps inspire, Keep it up fellas, a veritable peleton. Picked up some free plums off the trees in udovedale…..scrumptious

Dean Marshall:
Dean Marshall in Reefton

Derek Poshtar:
Well its 70km winds in Arthur’s Pass Village with 40mm of rain this afternoon with a windchill around 0’c. Not safe for riding at all. Its beer time.

Mitch Potter:
Mitch Potter checking in from Murchison. Had most excellenr lunch at Vault Café.
Hamish Dalglish:
Hamish Dalgish, Reefton, A beautiful part of NZ but Big River was very tough.

Kirsty Moran:
Hi There from Reefton. Just ate the Reefton Bakery empty, finding it hard to move, literally. Mental note, a milk shake on top is always too much. Devastated to discover we have to ride uphill. All good. Thanks

Coastal Crew:
Coastal Crew Todd, Iain & Bruce checking in from Murchison. Waiting for first proper meal since the start.

Glen Wright:
Hi, arrived in Reefton after glorious descent down big river 4wd rd. Glen Wright

Bruno Geldermans:
Bruno in Tapawera….and just in awe of how comfortable that toilet seat was…. I might get one for my bike.

Rob Hoult:
In Murchison for the night- sticking to the plan for an easy day from Reefton. Sets me up for a good push tomorrow to Nelson, and a Friday finish. Enjoyed a cruisy ride today.

Phil Jones:
In Nelson. Bike broken. Had Fantastic time. Riding sublime. Limping back to Picton.
Thanks Phil Jones

Grenville Hirst:
In Reefton and loved the walk thru Big River

Jackson Foster:
Hey Guys, I’m out knee n bike broken down, Limped straight to Nelson by rd from Murchison today, great event loved every challenging minute of it – will be back with a diff bike next time. Great learning curve cheers.
Jackson Foster in Nelson.

Glen Kivell:
Glen Kivell relaxing in Nelson at Hotel…