04 February 2015

Wednesday Monring Text in's to 12pm

Let’s see what fun happened overnight & this morning.....

Joe Jagusch:
Keith must have recover5ed & gone by with the ol Englishman when I did my extra 28km loop yesterday.
I saw the tire tread tracks pushing the steep Porika last night.
Going to enjoy the regions fruit today....nice sun right now.
I was cold overnight. Had some good fun tossing light dry rounds of wood at a sitting duck possum in the middle of the night, which warmed me heartily.
Clean bowled him off his perch-a-timber rail at head height.
I think it should be a national sport, bugger the auzzies....

Recon a new career could be in order. A driver. Paid to sit in a warm cab & travel the roads.....ahhhhhhh.
No plastic bags on their chests.

Luke Thomson:
Luke Thomson - I'm out
Scott/ Jo
Can't sit down - even on a abed
Yesterday's effort mostly done standing
Thanks for the adventure....I’m back in Blenheim.

Dean Cameron:
In Nelson, another great day for riding

Michael Dann:
2nd Breakfast in Murchison. Mike Dann

Margaret Leyland:
Het Scott, doing it pretty tough & after thinking long & hard, I think its thr right decision to switch to the Brevette course

Bethany Dunne:
Can you tell Seb I hope he is all finished now! I am in Murchison & I’ll push on to Nelson, hopefully finish tomorrow.

Margaret Leyland:
PS that was a hilarious joke. Don’t turn me red

Or purple!

Craig Madsen:
Craig Madsen & Mark Humphreys just rolled into Seymour square.
Just as the clock bell rang for 10… Bazinga!!!

Di & Alex Grigg:
Hi Scott, Jo, just thought should mention anyone travelling up the first sealed hill towards underwood, if after 5 watch for forestry workersheading home at speed in white utes!... they think the road is all theirs! Cheers Di

Andy Beale:
Andy Beale – Nelson.

Lou Perkins:
Lou Perkins in Seymour Square J

Denise Thorne:
Reefton!!! Awesome breakfast at the bakery. Big River Hit very nice for the night. From D & G

Nicki Squire:
In Nelson at bike shop. Not 1st brevet rider they’ve seen.

Craig Moss:
Just getting up to top rd, waiuta, what a beautiful ride through the trees!

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Reefton been here 2 hours already making & replacing spokes & outer tubes at the Godsend sports shop! Had to take the “safe” option with too many spoke missing! Looking forward to the Rahu Saddle.

Brian Alder:
Arrived 11:38am to Seymour Square. AWESOME

Derek Poshtar:
Made it to Arthurs Pass, is it always this windy?!