05 February 2015

Thursday Night, five and a half days in

Let’s see how everyone is going this afternoon….
Coastal Crew:
Coastal Crew Todd, Iain & Bryce checking in from sunny Nelson. Great to not be cold & wet for a change. Pushing onwards.

Hamish Southcote:
All done, now time for food

Jeremy Bray:
Jeremy Bray in Picton preparing for the big push around port underwood to Blenheim with Dirk Naish.

Nicki Squire:
No Marching band, no trumpet sounds, in Seymour square today, there is no need, because I know I finished the kiwi brevet. Nicki

Peter Goodman:
Steve & I are in St Arnaud for tonight. The last 16km’sin cold rain is the hardest thing I have done.
Steve is ok. I would love to find a lift back tomorrow…almost dead L

Steve Makin:
Now in St Arnaud missed the Porika out nursing a sore Achilles, think I’m heading straight to Blenheim down SH63 tomorrow.

Rob Hoult:
Rob Hoult in Nelson, Onto Canvastown tonight.

Michael Dann:
Boom! Done. In Seymour square. Crazy winds on the flat into Blenheim were a kicker. Mike Dann

Margaret Leyland:

Brian Alder:
Scott & Jo Great work guys. Awesome the way you are keeping the stoke going on FB and the blog, the crowds are loving it, that’s the feedback from my whanau. Really enjoyed mixing with the brevetted riders towards the end, including getting spanked by Dean thru Tadmor road. Fun times.

David Connor:
My body has made it to Picton but I think my mind fell out on the maungatapu descent.

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Nelson. Did 160km with busted spokes but all thanks to brevetter Kirsty from CHCH who lent me a spoke tool to sort out the tension issue. New spokes & tool purchased at Richmond village cycles. Going over the maungatapu track tonight. Epic mission, Loving it.

Hamish Southcote:
Forgot to mention my time was 5day, 3hours & 45minutes. Thanks to you & Jo for your hard work.

Paul Chaplow:
Blenheim, arrived 6:35. That was some sting in the tail. For those that know Wellington. Imagine 6 tip tracks at the end of 1100km. Ready for a break from my bike. Thanks to the organisers, great course.

Bethany Dunne:
Made it! This Dunne is done! J

Nathan Mawkes:
Hi Team, just confirming I’m a DNF for KB2015, I was missing the drive and sence of adventure, time for me to seek new challenges. Thanks, Nathan

Glen Kivell:
Glen Kivell, finished at Seymore Square!! Yes

Keith Payne:
Missed picton and seymore square as phone was dead. Finished up at 6:45. Thanks for all the organising! Keith

Peter Brooking:
Just got to Blenheim Scott. Rgds, Peter Brooking

Peter Maindonald:
All done, 5d 10h 10m. Cheers guys

Colin Dodge:
Hi Scott, the sky has opened up so I am not going to Nelson tonight, im staying at Tapawera. Cheers, Colin.

Glenn Wright:
Hi Arrived in Nelson with Grenville via the city bike trail…very cool..after 240k of riding today Glenn Wright

Grenville Hirst:
Made it to Nelson, Rotoroa walk epic, big day for us today 240km in 11:45 ride time

Jeremy Bray:
Jeremy Bray Blenheim we bloody done it!!!! With Dirk Naish

Dirk Naish:
We made it!

John Etherington:
All good in Nelson, 260km, biggest days ride I’ve ever done!! Bring it on!