01 February 2015

Text in's from Hanmer

Hello Followers ,

Scott & I spent the day in Hanmer today welcoming in a lot of the riders, that is why Text call in are a little delayed.
A lot of people did not text in once they had seen us... but here is who text in...

9:15pm (Saturday)
Ed Mc Donald:
Ed Mc Donald checking in from Hanmer with sublime rewards, pizza time!

0:18am (Sunday)
Keith Payne:
Keith Payne in Hanmer 1 puncture a 4km detour - but otherwise all good.

Stephen Butterworth:
Pie & coffee time in Hanmer

Brain Alder:
Hanmer for brekky, bakery open nice & early

Jo Jagusch:
Steve Kindly gave me directions to his home in Hanmer yesterday before we hit the highway & I said see ya later as I was beginning to hurt at his pace, he may have made it that night but I took a chance this morning scrummage around in his tool shed so I could tighten my brooks saddle. Thanks Mate.
Woken up this morning at 4:20am by Brian's headlamp. Cheers Brian you Champ!.
Decided to sing a few classic tunes to the starry sky while packing up....I want to ride my bicycle .... etc...
Morning on the 'bike' chores; 1. Saying my prayers going Chammy & lycra free may test my resolve.
2. Sweep the floor....I mean stanchions 3. Plan ahead...intensity lowered to texting while riding...oops... we. 4. Moisturise 5. Lubricate the key parts.

Bruno Geldermans:
Bruno Leaving Hanmer at 8:10am :-)

Matt Quirk:
Matt Q checking in. coffee time

Stephan Butterworth:
Heading back to Blenheim with Dave S, don't fancy riding 3 days solo with a chance of rain, also lost a pink glove, maybe Molesworth homestead to Hanmer if anyone find s it.
Yesterday was awesome SS was mint through Rainbow & St James.

Hamish Southcote:
Have just arrived & tucking into Brekky

Dave Cooper:
In Hanmer. spot tracker keeps switching itself off ?

Craig Madson:
Hi Scott, Jo, Mark has worn very unwell so we have made a b line for Hanmer, missing out the St James. We will rest in Hanmer then look to continue on the brevet course once Mark has recovered.
This may or may not be today. kind regards Craig Madson.

Mike O Conner:
Hi Guys Mike O'Connor here. at Hanmer. group of 3 from Christchurch were with me at Sedgemere but took a wrong turn, couldn't catch them in time to tell them! Hope they make it.

Kirk Hamilton:
Kirk Hamilton Hanmer springs 9:30

Bethany Dunne:
Beth Dune & Chris Bennet finished their breakfast challenge at Hanmer Springs, ready to hit the road.

Mitch Potter:
Mitch Potter checking in from Hamer springs

Isla, Elisha, & Alastair:
Hanmer, Isla, Elisha, Alastair

Lou Perkins:
Lou Perkins looking at Scott

Dale Lopaz:
Made it

Paul Chaplow:
In Hanmer road till 9pm last night. Glad to get here before it got to hot. Looks like this afternoons section my be a scorcher, stocking up then heading off.

Rob Hoult:
Rob Hoult Hanmer Springs now.

Luke Thompson:
Luke Thompson; Hanmer :-)

Ben Taylor:
Ben Taylor & Chris Todd rate Robbie's generous toast policy

Bob & Chris:
Bob & Chris in Hanmer. Thanks to Dave S for saving our spot tracker. Found a  mint camp spot under some beech trees. Only woke to a mouse running over my head once.

Ian Huntsman:
Ian & Wendy checking in at Hanmer. wonderful ride through the rainbow & we were part of the tent city at Sedgemere last night.

Chris Hodder:
In Hanmer. Happy Chris Hodder

Hamish Dalglish:
Hamish Dalglish Hanmer

Rich Davies:
In Hanmer. yay. time for a re-fuel then back uphill

Greg Therlow:
Hanmer GT

Jasper Van der Lingen:
jasper in Hanmer, very happy to be where there are shops and bars & other smelly Bretvetters , might change to the Brevette course

Phil Jones:
Phil Jones nice to see you too

Oliver Herdsman:
Hanmer ho! all is well except I got stung on the knee by a bee, St James trail was amazing! Oliver

Dean Marshall:
Dean Marshall in Hanmer

Kirtsy Moran & Robyn Blyth:
Robyn & Kirst checking in from Hanmer. Strategically positioned in the field for maximum rouge banana retrieval. May not carry food for next leg as a result.

John Etherington:
Hi Scott all good in Hanmer springs just found out my spot is not tracking any ideas - John

Oli De Burn:
Oli De burn Hanmer, St James is an evil Bastard, beautiful but evil.

Alistair Davidson:
In Hanmer having my 1st pie in 5 years - bring it on!

Darren Tatom:
All good spot stopped working despite 2 battery changes

Dan De Burn:
In Hanmer St James was hhhhard

Scott Symes:
Hey calling in for Scott Symes, blown up knee means the dreams over. would you guys also be able to give me a lift to chch if that's OK, cheers Scott (from Mikes phone)

Brendon Phesant:
Brendon Phesant in Hanmer st James beautiful but quite hard work.

Darren Tatom:
hey Scott, my tracker is F**ked. Been offered Barryn's 107 tracker as he is traveling with Trevor woodward, would that work?

Oli De Burn:
Hi Scott & Jo, I'm going to switch to the Brevette, my spot tracker has stopped working, my brother Dan is still doing the Brevet, Oli De Burn.

Ed McDonald:
Soggy EMCD, in Murchison

Barryn Westfield:
Barryn, Trev & Jackie passing through Hanmer all good to date..... confirming we have given our 2nd tracker (107) to Darren Tatom

Andy Gilbert:
Andy G in Hanmer staying the night, very hot through St James had nice camp at rag & danish creek

Jeremy Bray:
Jeremy Bray. Hanmer. Man its 5pm & still stinking hot

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Hanmer Springs, still going after surviving massive Mechanical on day 1 & the St James today.

Thomas Crowley:
Switching to Brevette

Jackson Foster:
Hey decided to do Brevette this morning as was at Sedgmere hut overnight. head shock on cannondale so tilted forwarding n got sore knee from new position
going to limp back to Blenheim following road mainly - epic fail :-) Cheers J

Hey in Hanmer by the way Cheers Jackson

Mark Wattie:
Checking in at Hanmer now doing Brevette

Craig Moss:
Craig, Darron Gosse, Ross Fredrick, Hanmer, all good, sore arse are our spot trackers going?

Nicki Squire:
In Hanmer. Hope my bearded friends make it before the pub closes. Nicki

Brain Alder:
Home of the doughnut (Springfield) Hot & NW, off to Arthur's?

Hi, arrived in Hanmer, blast through the St James, off to eat & will head up the road , Glenn Wright

Sam Davidson & John Keyzer:
St James royally rated these 2 brovetters, kabab levels are at an all time low. Stoke points are empty & we used our #endurocard early. currently refuelling before we work on an vac plan. Springs junction is on the card with, a beer trailer, swimming hole tracker & a whole swag bag of sadness to fuel the party. "if you ain't having fun you are doing it wrong" time to realign the camo & hang out with  our....bibs out.
#StJamescycleway = #horse'enduro the trotting edition, watch that dot :-)

Peter Goodman:
Hi In Hanmer Springs, ok just broken, got a lift the last 20km into Hanmer springs so out of the Brevette, may still ride on , see in morning. Pete

Nigel Walls:
Nigel & Richard pulled the pin at Hanmer, thanks for the opportunity maybe next time

Dean Cameron:
In Hanmer yeah boy!

Steve Makin:
Safe in Hanmer, DQing myself as I had to get a lift back from Acheron campsite, the heat got to me :-( will see how I feel tomorrow hoping to continue as its been bloody marvellous :-). Steve

Mike O'Conner:
Hi Jo & Scott, just arrived in Murchison, eaten enough to make a fat man blush

Grey Galway:

Steve Halligan:
Steve Halligan Arthurs Pass, hell head wind from Sheffield & broke my chain in Whalfdale, great scenery :-)

David Connor:
Off to pub to get Hanmered

Team Bike fit:
Team bike fit, Ant & Craig in Hanmer