07 February 2015

Saturday lunchtime texts

Derek Poshtar:
Made it to Murchison, legs stuffed, but let's see how much more they can take

Glenn Wright:
Hi Glenn Wright and Grenville Hirst back in Seymore Square in Blenheim

Denise Thorne:
We are finished!!! Big day ;) Denise and Geof

Grenville Hirst:
Wow wat a blast, persevere che is necessary to establish perfection. The rude material receives its fine polish but from repeated efforts alone. Nothing short of indefatigable exertion can induce the habit of virtue, enlighten the spirt and purify the soul. Loved the journey cheers Scott and Jo Grenville

Kirsty Moran:
Square, beer!! Awesome!! Come down :-D

John Etherington:
Seymore square, 10:30 pm!!

Barryn Westfield:
Trev, Jackie n B all done and dusted, just shy of 8:30pm. Great week thanks! Today's highlights,,,back side of Maungatapu and Port Underwood!

Colin Dodge:
Colin Blenheim finished

Alistair Davidson:
11:58 yahoo!

Dean Marshall:
At the end. All good and thanks for a great event

Alistair Davidson:
Hey Scott and Jo.just had a celebratory beer and a nice hot shower, thank you so much for putting on an amazing ride. I have gone so far out of my comfort zone that GPS couldn't find the way back. I've seen stuff that most people will never get to enjoy and have been challenged like you wouldn't believe. The fact that you do this as volunteers is amazing and I am really grateful ( although there were times when I cursed you ha ha ) I've never been challenged so much, but now that I'm finished I also feel damn good. Thank you!

Brendan Pheasent:
Final check in after a mammoth final day. Highlight was the large pod of dolphins in QC Sound

Oliver herdsman:
Fin. 0339

Barryn Westfield
Thanks Scott. REALLY enjoyed the Hope Tadmor valley - cool to see/be somewhere new

Steve Bilton:
Thanks so so much for