02 February 2015

Monday Arvo Text in...

Here is Monday Afternoon check in's to 8pm....
Sounds like it has been a hot & windy day through to Arthur's Pass for some...

Matt Quirk:
Checking in. 30km passed Springfield, battery only just charged now.

Derek Postar:
Crash, Flat Tyre, stuffed bottom bracket, but WOW the views! Is my GPS tracker still working? No flashing lights big ride today.

Costal Crew:
Coastal crew Bryce, Ian & Todd checking in from near Springfield, Head winds are awesome!

Mitch Potter:
Mitch Potter checking in from Springfield. At 1am in the dark & all alone got stymied by big slip on the Whalfdale so pitched tent next to trail.
All good by the light of day.

Jo Jagusch:
Goal for the day; remain coherent

Warm humid well hydrated

rain started just now feels goooooooood.

da nana nana nana. knew that I would da nana nana nana, I feel gooey..... so good, so good, where is a band when you need one.

Steve Matkin:
Pete Goodman & I are saying in Hanmer tonight 7 then picking it up again tomorrow, both now Brevetting & feeling better, trip to the Pharmacy for plaster for my sunburn, right when my Lycra is rubbing :-(

Gordon Slone:
Hi Scott, I'm at Murchison now.

Chris Hodder:
Make it to Murchison but is sore - Chris Hodder

Peter Schaap:
Peter Schapp Arthur's pass

Dave Cooper:
At Arthur's Pass trying to come up with a witty comment about headwinds & rain but got nothing.

Hamish Dalglish:
Hamish Dalglish Springfield, new batteries but still no GPS, like the drinking water, she'll be right.

Denise Thorne:
Denise & Geoff are in Springfield ;-)

Rob Davidson:
Charging problems.... will text in when can, Ikamatua at 3pm...feeling Grrrrrrrreat :-)

Keith Payne:
Keith Payne. Jackson's Pub. Feeling much better after re feeling at Arthur's Pass

No Vodafone at Jackson's found some at Kotuku

Craig Madsen:
We have just taken a detour & missed the Porika. My back was not up to the walking part, still having a magic time.

Jeremy Bray:
Jeremy Bray Springs Junction. Lewis pass was grind! Stopped at Muria springs & had a fantastic coffee & scored the last sausage roll... yus!!

Scott message to Oli du bern
Scott: hey Oli can you turn the unit off & then back on * press the footprint button, the unit need to be turned off every 24hrs & restarted
Oli: OK, will try taking the battery out, I have been trying to press all the right buttons, but nothing is responding. Oli
Scott: I know that feeling.... but that is with my wife ;-)
Oli: ha ha very good, going to post that text? We are in Muria enjoyin the fine food & Hospitality, staying the night here.

Steve Halligan:
Reefton at last. S Halligan.

Oli du Bern:
Oli: Hi Scott, still no joy with the spot tracker, have removed the tracker.
Scott: F-It. sorry man I will let Tony know.
Oli: Thanks I have to keep telling my girlfriend I am fine & not stuck on the ST James
Scott: Its cause she loves you.

Luke Thompson:
Luke Thompson Sheffield, note to self....don't follow others & pie ship shit (SP) 1 hour earlier.

Luke Thompson, Food Time

Dean Marshall:
Dean Marshall in Springfield.

Ed Mc Donald:
Ed Mc in Nelson... civilisation freaking me out so may have a crack at Maungatapu tonight.

Sam Davidson & John Keyzer:
Roadie radness on Lewis pass. Nice pace today. enjoyed the view, found a sporty dreamy swimming hole. and did not break down on Lewis's backside!
Milkshake time. Then smash out some more road. Looking forward too the gravel #brovitto

Mike o Conner:
Hi team, have reached Nelson, new parts of the course are great! Mike OC

Kirsty Moran & Robyn Blyth:
Grenville Hurst it was time to get up.

Andy Gilbert:
Andy Gilbert; a day of hare & hounds, or Tortoise & tortoise. Jasper single speeding left an hour ahead. we are both enjoying Sirloin in Murchison arrived 5:30pm
Jo: Hope that is being washed down with a well deserved beer?
Andy: 1st was given to me at the lazy cow, now onto Pilsner

Ben Wotherspoon:
I am bailing out. Just to weak. I'll try again in 2017 perhaps.

Brain Alder:
Made the Reefton store 5mins before closing, full steam down from Big River :-)

Nicki Squire:
In Murchison that god for Bruce Springsteen.

Dean Cameron:
In Murchison yeeeooow! Muria saddle is lovely lovely piece of riding.
Cue sheet note, coming from Springs Junction it is Blackadder Road at 2.5km on the left on the sign, NOT west bank road.

Alistar Davidson:
Totally wreaked :-) could not camp tonight , at backpackers in Sheffield. kinda slipped down this bankie thing, few scraps & bruises but all good, too much crap on my bike really felt it on Whalfdale. Lost a lot of time, head down arse up tomorrow to get some KM's in the bank, can't miss that cut off.

Ben Taylor:
Ben Taylor & Chris Todd in Arthur's Pass Village tonight.

Steve Bilton:
Steve Bilton Springfield, my bike was too heavy for Whalfdale Track so suffered lots. Last 4km of downhill single track almost made it worth it thou.

Kirsty Moran & Robyn Blyth:
A clean Kirst and Robyn checking in from Springfield. Free hot shower and six cheese n egg toasties for tomorrows fodder from the exemplary Sheffield Pub. No alarms set off.

Brendan Pheasant:
Brendan Pheasant Springfield. A great day today, Wharfdale hard work with loaded bike; very nice camping spot at the domain.

Craig Moss:
Hi guys, Craig, Darren Gosse, Ross Friedrich, all good in Springfield, cheers, Craig

Elisha Nuttall:
Generation Apollo (just Elisah and Alastair) checking into Nelson
Scott to Eli:
Are you surviving without Isla?
Eli to Scott:
Been driving each other into the dirt. Locking ourselves in the box
How many Brevetters in Nelson or ahead?
Scott to Eli:
Only one ahead of you with a tracker. He's descending Maungatapu now.