05 February 2015

Thursday morning text ins

Thursday Morning Text ins:

11:10pm Wednesday Night
Andy Beale:
Stop the clock!!
Fountain looks wicked. Prodigy on the decks-fuel my fire
Thanks you

Dean Cameron:
Back in Blenheim, the job is done. That was a bunch of fun overall, thanks Scot and Jo

Keith Payne:
Keith Payne in Nelson. Fourth flat tyre, otherwise all ok

Michael Dann:
Just past Nelson at the Maitai campground for the night. Big day today. Big push up Maungatapu tomorrow. Mike Dann

Bethany Dunn:
At the Nelson campground having a cold midnight hungry jacks and my first shower in 5 days. Last day tomorrow, can’t wait.

Joe Jagusch:
Hi finve diggety dog! Yeeeooza my schnowza and shizzle my nizzle yo lippitty dippitty home boys.
The top is too good not to be the finish…

Paul Chaplow:
Nelso. Absolutely smashed. Just made before my 18hr travel time was up. Very happy to be here. Sweet ride in on the cycle way under full moon and southerly push me all the way.

Dave Cooper:
Done at 3:36am. Lost some time to fixing a puncture which only took as long as did because I was throwing a hissy fit about having to fix a puncture.

Joe Jagusch:
Hi. Amazed my thighs are even working. Like wood this morning they were, but im visiting TWO bakeries while the bread is hot, one down havelock, one to go picton. Fire coloured dawn in the sounds. Sorching! Archilleshas a growing lump. Nursing it along.

Margaret Leyland:
No signal last night. Stiull riding with Mike. Start of Maungatapu now.

Geoff Gabities:
Hi scott, am in Ikamatua with bike problems that need a trip back to Greymouth. Have borrowed a car so will tracker off and reactivater wgen we return. Will need to drop a couple of sections to finish by Sunday.