05 February 2015

Thursday Morning text in's...

Let’s see how everyone is going today…
Not a lot of text in’s.. Everyone must be head down, bum up …pedaling hard J

Matt Quirk:
Nelson, ragged, stinking but mainly happy. Me I mean not Nelson

Derek Poshtar:
The trip has been all about the man in black, Johnny Cash. First it was ring of fire, now we’re in Jackson.

Chris & Bob:
Chris & Bob in Nelson, So hard to ride past our place! On the home straight.

Mitch Potter:
Mitch Potter checking in from Nelson, At Lambretta’s eating breakfast.

Geoff Gabites:
Back at Ikamatua and about to set off for Reefton. Plan to do as much as we can before we have to cut & run.

Dan Du Burn:
Hi Scott, my spot tracker is lightening up red. Is it still transmitting? (Now in Tapawera), Dan Du Burn

Thomas Crowley:
Made It!