03 February 2015

Tuesday afternoon text in's...

Keith Payne:
Keith Payne in Reefton. Big river track is pretty wet!

Jonathan Kennett:
Hanging out in nelson, perfect riding today. Re-fueling before dealing to the Maungatapu. Cheers Jonathan Kennett

Mark Wattie:
Now at Murchison... Mark Wattie

Phil Jones:
In Murchison. sweet ride. Phil Jones

Denise Thorne:
ummmmm Denise & Geoff are a bit passed Jackson's pub, but it was too cold to stop & text sorry !!!

Hamish Southcott:
In Reefton, sleep & keeping dry are so overrated

Dave Cooper:
In Reefton

Jackson Foster:
Jackson Foster is in Murchison having a whitetail fritter

Peter Schaap:
Peter Schaap Reefton

Dirk Nash:
In Murchison will push onto Porika

Kim & Meg Carrigan:
Arrived in Springfield this evening late m.
What  along day, whalfdale is hard at the best of time, but with gear a tall ask
Strong head winds to Arthur's Pass. 5 more km to the top.

Dean Marshall:
Dean Marshall passed Jackson pub

Grenville Hirst:
At Jackson's , the bar stewards are shut, can you pls send me a copy of the GPX route file please.

Glenn Wright:
Hi, left Jackson's pub ... bit blowy , Glen Wright

Ed Mc Donald:
Ed Mc in Blenheim! Hot day to finish. Lost Camera somewhere near ocean bay on Port underwood though :-(
Scott to Ed: Congratulations , hope you have enjoyed the course? I will put something on FB about your camera.
Ed to Scott: Yes an amazing adventure. Slight preference for anti clockwise for less HAB (hike a bike) but still great!

Darron Tatom:
Darron Tatom from bell hill, no coverage at Jacksons "Gonna mess around"

Costal Crew
Coastal Crew , Bryce, Ian & Todd checking in from Ikamatua. Was no coverage in Jackson's. Ian on his 3rd tyre luckily buying one in Arthur's pass of all places.

Steve Makin:
So, today has been tough, started the day full of enthusiasm but 60km of gusting head winds & a very close encounter with a truck kinda pissed on my chips :-( got a lift last 30km, now in springs junction,  will pick up tomorrow.

Gordon Sloane:
Hi Scott & Jo I'm in Nelson now

Nicki Squire:
In Tapawera for the night.

Steve Halligan:
In Nelson, leaving now :-)

Ritchie Davies:
Picton. Done. My ride home is waiting!
Thanks Scott, Jo, Tony, Shane & everyone else who has made this marvellous event.

Bethany Dunne:
Slowest morning ever!!! Glad I wore my hike a bike shoes :-) currently scoffing a pie in Reefton & try for Murchison, going well just smelly!

Margaret Layland:
At Reefton. Waiuta to big River was THE BOMB!!! loved it. Bought back memories of BC with a touch of Karapoti thrown in :-)
Scott to Margaret: Its awesome eh? Even loaded I love that track! Keep going mate. How's the knee?
Margaret to Scott: What knee? ;-)
Scott to Margaret: The correct answer

Michael Dann:
Hey all well in Reefton, Waiota Big River was choice.

Mike O Conner:
Hi Jo & Scott, have made it to Seymour square, Thanks so much for organising such an awesome event, won't forget the feeling of seeing that spire for a while. Cheers Mike O Conner.

Barryn Westfield:
Trev, Jackie & Baryon checking in from the new text in location of Ikamatua as forgot Springfield in a effort to move on & Jackson;s was too wet, so here we are,,,, highlights to date have to be Whalfdale is in exceptional condition & down Otira in the pissing rain...

Oliver Herdsman:
Forgot to text in after Arthur's pass earlier. was too wet & cold! Now enjoying the sun at Ikamatua

Craig Moss:
Hi, Craig, Ross & Darren all good at Jacksons, super day heading Moana, cheers Craig actually now in Moana, can you help? We think my bottom bracket is on way out fast do you know of a cycle shop in Reefton, we can call ahead too?

Rob Hoult:
Rob Hoult at Reefton for the night. 190km today from otter , thought day through Big River, Took 1 big spill & took a while to focus again. Its been great riding with Paul, Bob & Chris, but they are electing to push on, but more tonight. Not for me I am afraid. going to slow down now & cruise home.

Chris & Bob:
Bob & Chris in Reefton. wishing we had our #santacruz , #Juliana & #bosforks

Jasper van der Lingen:
Jasper in Nelson. A great tail wind today. Off to get a big meal & a few beers soon.

Andy Gilbet:
Andy Gilbert arrived in Nelson just after 6 to stay the night.
Los Jasper in a beer garden in Wakefield thou he starts so early he will be past her by the time I get up.

Brian Alder:
Nelson. Kabab & off over the hill into the night.

Matt Quirk:
At Reefton scoffing hot cheese dough delights. Big river = awesome. Pushing on for, well, somewhere. Maruia I hope!

Paul Chaplow:
Reefton, big river/waiuta, what an awesome ride, although the ride out seemed endless. Having pizza then will do a few more hours riding. Nice that the weather has cleared.

Ben Weatherspoon:
My great dad came to take me home. I probably need some time to mature generally before tackling that again.

Dale Lopez:
Seymore Square YE HA