04 February 2015

Wednesday Morning

Texts from Tuesday night/Wednesday morning

Michael Dann:
Hit Springs Junction. Onward. Mike Dann

Oli du Bern:
Camping in Tapawera tonight. Great day of riding. The hostile sandflies in rotor were great motivation to get up porika track. Sunshine and tail winds all the way to tapawera pub. Oli du Bern

Elisha Nuttall:
Hi Scott, team Generation Apollo arrived in Blenheim tonight at 7:30pm. Stoked! Stellar ride thanks for organising!

Alistair Davidson:
Checking in. No coverage at Jackson. Staying at blackball too wrecked to carry on thanks to wind. Pleased with the day though. There are now less kms in front of the horse than in the back of the cart. Or something like that.

Christopher Bennett:
Made it to Reefton in time to get a pizza before they closed. First proper dinner since Friday! Feeling sorry for those behind me on Big River Track. Nasty in daylight, incomprehensible at night. Chris Bennett

Chris Hodder:
All finished back in Blenheim 22 hours faster than last year Chris Hodder

Rob Davidson:
Rob texting from Richmond. Good day out. Feeling stronger each day. Will head for home after a sleep :-)

Marcus Peters Kieren Tibble:
Finished, 8:20pm at Seymour Square

Di and Alex Grigg:
Yep we r here, arrived 9.30...with Chris...Yay, happy to be here! (Sorry must have turned spot off too soon). thks!!

Lou Perkins:
Hey Scott don't know if your out there just can't remember where we can't remember where we can't go when coming in to blenheim cheers lou
Scott to Lou:
Hi Lou, I'm here. Just don't turn left straight after Ferry Bridge, carry on to SH then turn left, Just get into Seymour Square mate. Well done nearly there.
Lou to Scott:
Cheers bro I'm f$&:ked gunna sleep then hit the road :-))

Ian Huntsman:
Ian and Wendy checking in at Nelson. Another beautiful day. We didn't expect that hill. Long ride for us but nice to be in Nelson.

Ian and Wendy checking in at Seymour Square. We made it. There's a few hills on the port underwood section

Geoff Gabities:
Staggered into Arthurs Pass. Wx held off and even a southerly tail wind until the NW happened.

Ben Taylor:
Ben taylor chris todd in reefton

Andy Beale:
Andy Beale tapawera xxx

Steve Halligan:
Picton yeah.

Coastal Crew:
Coastal Crew Todd Iain & Bryce in Reefton. Great day, other than the rain, oh and the cracked frame!

Darren Tatom:
Design today....pulling out and heading for Blenheim. Neck pain wrecking enjoyment of this event unfortunately. Many thanks Scott and Jo, to Barryn for the loan the SPOT and all the good folks along the way...

Steve Halligan:
I back in Blenheim. yes ha.
Jo to Steve:
Yahoo congratulations!! What time did you get in?
Steve to Jo:
About 7.10
Scott to Steve:
Did you stop and have a sleep? How are you feeling? Awesomeness
Steve to Scott:
Bit of a bad call on my part. Got some food in picton and decided I'd sleep down one of the bays, put my mat and bag out. Was freezing down there, moved on, took wrong turn blah blah blah. Big nite I veered off port underwood rd heading out east
Scott to Steve:
I saw the wrong turn ;-) Well done man, go and have a feed and some sleep
Steve to Scott:
Will do cheers mate