06 February 2015

Friday lunchtime

Texts from Thursday night and Friday morning:

Kirsty Moran Robyn Blyth:
NelSON!! Another lovely day on the gourmet brevet. Roadside apples, plums and blackberries should make for am interesting morning. I’ll go in froint.

Chris and Bob:
Bob and Chris, over and out

Brett Herdsman – Team Scrambled Legs:
Team Scrambled legs all in and finished. The hardtail single speed was the best bike.

Jon Keyzer:
Jon Keyzer reporting to you live from Blenheim. I’m absolutely zonked after a long day from Nelson to Blenheim, but so stoked to have pushed out a big final nudge at about 9hrs riding and 152km. The last stretch from Picton had me delirious and the headwind back into town was no slouch either. I’m sad the Brevet is over and I’m already plotting for next year.

Bruno Geldermans:
Awesome event Scott and Jo….thanks heaps
Ben Taylor:
Ben Taylor and Chris Todd at the square all done!

Team Bikefit:
Hi team..Team Bikefit in Blenheim. Long hard day but we are in. Thanks for an awesome event. Cheers

Matt Quirk:
All done! Stunning if grueling final test today. Some truly fabulous riding had. Thanks Scott and Jo awesome work!

4:46am Friday morning
Mitch Potter:
Mitch Potter with final check in from Seymore Square

Coastal Crew:
Coastal Crew Tadd, Iain and Bryce done. 4.50am! 280km day, properly epic. Out.

Grenville Hirst:
Hi Scott, Maungatapu track closed, do we just find our way to the other end

Glenn Wright:
Hi Maungatapu track shut…longer route on tar seal… darn  Glenn

Colin Dodge:
Colin in Nelson

David Connor:
Rolled in last night at 1am. Final check in brevetted complete. Thank you guys so much we had such a blast. Will definitely be back again. Talk soon. David Connor

Craig Moss:
Hi Scott, do you know of a bike shop brevet friendly in Nelson that may be open, looking for Hayes dunno sport pads and new tubeless tyre 29

Alistarir Davidson:
Bummer! Im in nelson (checking in) about 15kms from Maungatapu

Coastal Crew:
Add two more names to that list (of those who hate Scott J)! Brilliant study in wet adversity was this week. Thanks Scott and Jo.

Derek Poshtar:
Finally in reefton, trying to get past Murchison tonight

Geoff Gabities:
Phil and Geof scoffing pies at reefton if anyone cares

Mark Wattie:
Hi in Picton aborted. Mark Wattie

Steve Makin:
Safe and sound in Blenheim now, not quite the brevet I hoped to do but still bloody marvelous J thanks so much for all the hard work for organizing such a brilliant event and cheapu to all the riders out there! Already looking forward to 2017 ;-)

Scott to Mark Wattie:
Hi Mark, now worries. Thanks for letting me know hope is all ok?
Mark to Scott:

Yes thanks al good had a blast amazing time