03 February 2015

Tuesday txt ins to lunchtime

Brian Alder:
Murcheson. Long grind down the valley to here. Been a little wet but clearing.

Lou Perkins:
Lou Perkins in Nelson yahoo

Andy Fraser:
Hi Scott and Jo Andy Fraser has pulled out at Springfield. A bit beaten up from Wharfdale otherwise. Riding to ChCH today Many thanks Next time

Oli du Bern:
Oli du Bern. Murchison. awesome ride this morning. Maruia Saddle was amazing. Tom, the ozzie kid, has a short, sharp education in electric fences. Hilarious.

Thomas Crowley:
Greetings from Murchison. So glad I switched to cycle-tourist mode and joined the #brovette. That dirt section was sw8!

Gary Mckensie:
Heading to Christchurch. Can’t keep any food or drink down. Wharfdale really #$& me over.

Joe Jagusch:
Bugger. I see i went the wrong way. Dilemma.Well….not really. Damn after doing Big river in the dark, and now this goofy parallel error…kinda thought it was too easy the last stretch…what is the difference?
Scott to Joe:
Are you in Maruia? It just means you’ll have an asterix by your name. Your Call
Joe to Scott:
I’m going back. Unless an asterix is already there…I’m at the west bank junct 2km from maruia
Scott to Joe:
No, only if you don’t retrace your track. Good on you
Joe to Scott:
Dunno about ‘goy’
Scott to Joe:
Ok, pleased you are making the “right” choice :-)

Glen Kivell:
Glen Kivell in Murchison, wicked ride over the saddle.

Hamish Dalglish:
Hamish Dalglish jacksons we

Brett Herdman:
At murchison, single speed heaven

David Connor:
Just landed in Murch. maruia saddle was unreal.

James Burgess:
James and Alex (and Sam and Dave) at Muchison. Maruia Saddle is just beautiful.

Joe Jagusch:
Anon: Ever heard of the phrase “thats character building stuff”?  Joe doubling back: yeah but it doesn’t mean i never f*ing liked it!
Scott to Joe:
Nice one. Team at Ground Effect are proud of you :-)

Joe Jagusch:
This goddamn west bank road has a lot to live up to. Cheers guys.
Scott to Joe:
Mmmmmmmm, don’t hate on me
Joe to Scott:
;p blockaders road….
Scott to Joe:
Yep, but the ams are correct on the cues

John Etherington:
Horizontal rain, coffee and pies, all good at Arthurs pass!!
Scott to John:
And tracking! Life must be great?
John to Scott:
Doesn’t get much better!!! Loving it :0)

John Carman:
John Carman at Village Cycles hopefully getting new spoke and wheel straightened after riding over 500k on it! Great tailwind and in good group of Jonathan, Geoff and Gareth.

Craig Madsen:
Made it to Nelson. Great ride this morning…it’s now super hot so it should make for an interesting afternoon. Picton here we come!

Geoff Gabities:
Phil and Geoff eating pies at Sheffield

Alex Dyer:
Hi. Lunch in Murchison. Sunny. Happy. Sme pics an instagram and Twitter under #kiwibrevet2015 Later

Richie Davies:
Forgot to txt in from Nelson but hello from maungatapu saddle. Tadmor and Dovedale a real highlight. This climb, not so much.

Geoff Gabities:
Phil wants to know how far from da fromtare we. Is it poss to mow down Brian alder u think?
Scott to Geoff:
Probably if you drive ;-)
Geoff to Scott:
Too funny!! Crap wx about to hilt us me thinks. May jet bicycle at da pie shop

Gareth Rapley:
Gareth tail wind into nelson life is good

Greg Thurlow:
Nelson gt

Keith Payne:
Keith Payne in Reefton. Big river track is pretty wet!

Chris and Bob:
Bob and Chris in Jackson. Magnificent night at rata lodge in otira. Had the luxury of a hot shower, as much tea we could drink & a dry roof over our heads. Almost makes up for the crap weather