03 February 2010

Briefing Venue, Link to SPOTS, Start list, Call-ins, etc, etc

We have a great venue for the briefing at 10am on Saturday - cinema 4 at Top Town Cinemas, 4 Kinross st, central Blenheim. Thanks Duncan for the last minute arrangements.
The briefing is where we'll give you the latest intell on the course, get you to autograph waivers, issue SPOTs, and hand out the private land cue sheet and the call-in cards. There's heaps to do and not much time to do it in, so riders, please be on time. We'd also like to get a start photo of every rider.

I'll email out the private address where you can store gear and park cars shortly. There is a second alternative for gear storage - Cycle World, 58 Charles St (close to Seymour Square). As a bonus, they are offering Brevet riders a 20% discount.

The SPOT leaderboard will show the event as it unfolds - a link to the site will be prominently placed on this blog.

The start list is pretty well finalised now - check it out here

Turns out the 0800 phone system Cycletech kindly offered us is not compatible with our system, so we have had to swap to a home phone line (John Randals, who won't need it while he is riding 1100 km round the South Island). The downside is that it is not a toll-free line. In light of that, we have reduced the number of call-in spots to seven (see the map) and limited their length to 1 minute.

Finally, those of you who have dared to check out the long range weather forecast will have noticed that it is for fine conditions most of the next 7 days! Time to consider packing an extra water bottle, SPF30+ sunblock and togs.