08 February 2010

Monday afternoon/evening call-ins

It's now over 48 hours since they started.

Brenda Clapp with Chris Burr, Trevor Woodard and Barryn Westfield, 12:57 Monday afternoon in Reefton: "Had a wicked ride here from Matakaitaki, and only two bee stings."

Helen Van Hoof - DNFing due mechanical problems.

John Morris, 15:21 Monday in Reefton: "I'm going to push on to, at least, Big River and see how that goes this afternoon and evening. I'm doing well."

Jeff Lyall with Jonty Ritchie and Nick Treadgold15:24 Monday in Reefton: "We're going to go on to Big River and Wiata and see if we can get to Blackball."

Rodney Hansen, 16:19 Monday in Reefton: "Got my wheel sorted, can't speak highly enough of the guys at Reefton Sports, who sorted it out promptly - and some other guys who were have some mechanicals as well. I'm on my way, off up towards Big River."

Oliver Whalley with Andy Reid, 18:13 Monday in Arthurs Pass: "We've just knocked off the Otira Viaduct. Beautiful day out there and very nice tail wind - was quite steep but were lookin' forward to the ride out. We're hoping to get to Shefield tonight. Havin' fun!"

Brett Porter, 19:08 Monday in Murchison: "Heading to Reefton tomorrow. Had a flat tire today, but sorted."

Mondo Kopua, 19:59 Monday in Reefton: [no comments]

Rob Garden with Marquita Gelderman, Ross Friedrich and Shelley Gosse, 20:29 Monday in Reefton: "Had a fantastic day. Left St Arnaud 5:30 and arrived in Reefton at 7. The Porika track and Braeburn were just stunning. Had a wonderful day. Wasn't stinking hot like yesterday, so we're very pleased with things.

Chris Charles, 20:45 Monday in Reefton: "Ahhhhh, yeah! Sorta, pretty, happy. Sorta got ahead of schedule actually. So, um, made it to Reefton. So, pretty happy and... looking forward to more riding tomorrow."

Micki Speck, 21:25 Monday in Arthurs Pass: "Good ride today. Nice and fun. And a big climb up. Didn't get quite as far as I wanted to, but... you never know. Cheers."

Barry Bryant, 22:03 Monday in St Arnaud: "Did about 180km yesterday. Got as far as Golden Downs, camped by the side of the road; slept for 8 hours. Ran out of all food. Grovelled up to Tophouse. Had lunch; slept for 3 hours on the couch their in the heat of the day. Crawled into St Arnaud and sifted around for a bit - which is hoe I normally fit my touring operations. I've decided to take a short cut because frankly I'm over climbing massive hills in blazing February heat. I'd rather do it in the middle of winter, so... I'm taking a short cut. Ahhhh... so you can see where I go next and, um, time penalties will be calculated, I'm sure. If you could do that Paul. I hope the number don't get too big, and, ahhh, I'll call in tomorrow."

Dirk Naish with Bill Brierley, Dave Rudge and Gordan McDonald, 22:21 Monday in Reefton; "We made it to Reefton about 9pm. All's well.

Simon Kennett with Chris Tennant Brown, 22:52 in Arthurs Pass: "It's been a pretty amazing day. Lot's of incredible scenery. Very hard riding; very cruisy riding as well, and we had some good bunch riding going on as well. So, nah! it's a good day. Really glad to be here."