11 February 2010

Thursday afternoon/evening call-ins

120 hours since starting at 12 noon on Saturday 6th Feb - and counting:

Phil White and Anne Mortimer, 12:33 Thursday afternoon in Blenheim; "We just made it to Blenheim and it feels good. Just got a puncture about 3kms from the end, and otehrwise, a pretty quite and uneventful day. And, ah, might now join these cyclists that I can see at a cafe for something nice. Cheers!"

Rodney Hanson, 14:17 Thursday in Hanmer Springs: "Made it through the private land about 10-10:30 last night. Camped. The Aussy guys on the Fargoes weren't far behind me. We all spent the night together. And rolled on through to here today. I've got a bung leg. First 30k's this morning were good - last 50k's were absolute agony. It's been like that the last few days. So - resting up here this afternoon and deciding whether or not I carry on."

Mondo Kopua, 14:26 Thursday in Hanmer Springs: "Going to the pools for a while. Do some washing, and the ride up to the Acheron later this afternoon-early this evening, where I'll camp and then hopefully ride through to Blenheim tomorrow."

Ian Gordan with Scott McLachlan, 15:50 Thursday in Hanmer Springs: "We're going to - take - our - time."

Jeff Lyall with Nick Treadgold and Jonty Ritchie, 18:00 Thursday in Blenhiem: "This is our final check in at 5:59. OK, cheers."

David King, 18:22 Thursday in Blenheim: "I'm in Seymore Square, in Blenheim, laying on the grass, and may never be able to get up. Nice day here anyway. Done and dusted!"

John Morris, 18:35 Thursday in Culverton: "I'm about 30 or 40 km's short of Hanmer - where I hope to be tonight. And then start on the Molesworth tomorrow."

Peter Maindonald with Brett Porter, 18:37 Thursday in Jacksons: "Definitely in cruise mode. Bot feeling really well. Minor problems with bikes, but we've managed to resolve them. We're heading through to Sheffield tomorrow. The Waiotu track wasn't a good place to be yesterday in the rain. Quite a nasty bit of work, but never mind. That's about all from Jackson - catch you later."

Chris and Bob, 19:28 Thursday in [Blenheim]: "Cheers."

Mondo Kopua, 19:32 Thursday in Hanmer: "About to head off to the Acheron soon after having a very restful afternoon in Hanmer, catching up with some laundry and washing and nice food and seeing some fellow Brevet riders."

Shelley Gosse with Ross Freidrich, 19:46 Thursday in Hanmer: "It's been a pretty awesome... so far... look forward to the next bit."