09 February 2010

An update from Wharfedale track

I saw Ollie and Andy at 10.45 this morning at Townsend Hut - Ollie came in 5 mins ahead but hung around for a munch and a dump and for Andy to change brake pads - they were planning to stay together "because Andy knows his way through McDonald Downs", and were headed for Hanmer, maybe Acheron for tonight.

Also saw Mark Rayward at 13.20 on the Wharfedale saddle and was riding just 5 mins ahead of Lisa Savage & Tony Bateup - they had all overnighted in Castle Hill. Saw Lisa & Tony again on my way out - Tony had had a couple of punctures, but they were happily munching on wholewheat sandwiches as they headed north. Mark, Lisa & Tony had Acheron in their sights for tonight.

When I left Mt Pember Stn (start of Lees Valley section) at around 3.45 nobody else had come enrough.

It was low-mid 20's up there, mostly sunny, with light winds - southerly through the saddle but out in Lees Valley more like a light NE - not enough to really make things harder.